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Wednesday, February 02, 2000

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Wednesday, February 02, 2000


Adviser for Special Assignments in Africa, Under-Secretary-General Ibrahim Gambari


Conseiller chargé de missions spéciales en Afrique, Ibrahim Gambari, Secrétaire général adjoint

Asesor para Funciones Especiales en África, el Secretario General Adjunto


Bicesse Process

case-tracking system project


d’un système de suivi des affaires

un sistema de seguimiento de las causas judiciales

CEAST Episcopal Conference of Angola and São Tomé


la Conférence épiscopale d’Angola et de São Tomé

la Conferencia Episcopal de Angola y Santo Tomé

CNIDAH Intersectoral Commission on De-mining and Humanitarian Assistance


la Commission nationale intersectorielle du déminage et de l’aide humanitaire

la Comisión Intersectorial sobre remoción de minas y asistencia humanitaria

Consolidated Inter-agency Appeal for Angola

机 构 间 联 合 呼 吁 ( 筹 款)

COIEPA Inter-Denominational Committee for Peace in Angola


le Comité interconfessionnel pour la paix en Angola

el Comité Interconfesional para la Paz en Angola


Demobilization and reintegration of former combatants


Dismantling of illegal command posts and checkpoints

Dos Santos


Draft Memorandum of Understanding of the Abidjan Protocol

Expert panel of the SC Committee established pursuant to resolution 864 (1993)

Sanctions against UNITA; Committee chairman Amb. Fowler of Canada arrived in Luanda on 8 January 2000 to consult with the authorities on the impact of sanctions

Extension of State administration

FAA = armed forces of Angola

Family Reception Areas (for families of ex-combatants of UNITA )


Frente Nacional para a Libertação de Angola (FNLA)


Frente Nacional para a Libertação de Angola (FNLA)

la Frente Nacional para a Libertação de Angola (FNLA)

Follow-on UN presence after departure of MONUA

Forward positions


four-point agenda for peace proposed by the Government


que l’ordre du jour pour la paix en quatre points proposé par le Gouvernement

el programa de paz de cuatro puntos propuesto por el Gobierno

Fund for Peace and National Reconciliation


Fonds pour la paix et la réconciliation nationale

Fondo para la Paz y la Reconciliación Nacional

Government of Unity and National Reconciliation GNUR or GURN

hate propaganda


une propagande haineuse

la propaganda sectaria


Human Rights Division of MONUA (HRD)

Humanitarian situation precarious

IDPs internally displaced persons

Integration of UNITA troops into the national army

Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (I-PRSP)


document intérimaire de stratégie de réduction de la pauvreté

Documento Provisional de exposición de una estrategia de reducción de la pobreza

Joint Commission



Legislation concerning the special status of Savimbi




Lusaka Protocol (fulfil its commitments under the ~)


Monitoring Mechanism on Sanctions against UNITA established under Security Council resolution 1295 (2000)


l’Instance de surveillance des sanctions contre l’UNITA

mecanismo de supervisión del Comité de Sanciones contra la UNITA



MPLA Movimento Popular para a Libertação de Angola (ruling party)


Movimiento Popular para la Liberación de Angola

NID National Immunization Days


journées nationales de vaccination

días nacionales de inmunización

Normalize State administration throughout the country

Norms for the Resettlement of Displaced Populations.


les normes de réinstallation des populations déplacées

las normas para el reasentamiento de las poblaciones desplazadas

Observer, police, electoral, military


Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility


d’une facilité pour la croissance et la réduction de la pauvreté

servicio de reducción de la pobreza y de crecimiento

Quartering areas

Rapid Assessment of Critical Needs


Évaluation rapide annuelle des besoins critiques

la evaluación rápida anual de las necesidades críticas

Re-establishment of government authority in areas formerly controlled by UNITA

重 建 权 力 机 构

regulamento (operating procedures) for implementing the Norms


(règlement) portant application des normes

(procedimientos operacionales) para aplicar las normas

Savimbi, Jonas

UNITA leader

Security detachment of Savimbi

SGSR Diallo

Staff Monitored Programme (SMP) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)


le Programme contrôlé par le personnel (MSP) du Fonds monétaire international (FMI)

el Programa supervisado del Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI).

SOMA = status of mission agreement

特 派 团 地 位 协 定

Special Adviser on Africa, with special focus on Angola among other issues

Ibrahim Gambari of Nigeria, appointed by the SG

Special Representative of UNSG

Maitre Blondin Beye (deceased in crash)

stability, some measure of

has been achieved

Swearing in of UNITA deputies

Troika = USA, Russia and Portugal






安盟 bears the primary responsibility for the current state of affairs

United Nations protection strategy (April 2001)


la stratégie des Nations Unies en matière de protection

la estrategia de protección de las Naciones Unidas

UNITA Restoration Committee ( 安 盟 新 生 委 员 会)

(UNITA-Renovada) 新 生 安 盟

UNOA = United Nations Office in Angola

联 安 办 事 处

le Bureau
des Nations Unies en Angola

Oficina de las Naciones Unidas en Angola



l’Unité technique de coordination de l’assistance humanitaire

la Dependencia técnica de coordinación de la asistencia humanitaria

The SMP, which had begun in July 2000, ended in June 2001. The main objectives of the programme were to restore macroeconomic stability, improve transparency in public sector operations and begin implementation of a series of structural reforms.

Author: Yaw-Tsong Lee

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