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2 - 4 September 2003




2nd - 4th September 2003

Tuesday 2nd September:
11.30 am Registration (Beswick Building Foyer)
13.00 pm Lunch (Dining Hall)
2.00 pm Plenary: (Beswick 001)
Clare Mar-Molinero (University of Southampton)

Spanish as a world language
2.45 pm Parallel Sessions:
Bernadette O’Rourke (Dublin City University)

Comparative analysis of minority language cases, concentrating on Irish and Galician.
María Cinta Ramblado Minero (University of Limerick)

El Re/nacimiento de la Novela Histórica Femenina en España: Ángeles Caso, Dulce Chacón y Josefina Aldecoa.
3.30 pm Tea
4.00 pm Parallel Sessions: (Beswick 001 and 002)
Carmen Arnaiz (University of the West of England)

Joking about sex: Language and taboo in Spanish society

Lourdes Orozco (University of Durham)

Questions of National Identity in the Construction of Theatre Policy of the Generalitat de Catalunya
4.45 pm David Atkinson (University of Limerick)

Identity, politics and rock ‘n’ roll: ‘agricultural rock’ and the language question in Catalonia.
Catherine O’Leary (NUIM)

¿Irrepresentable en España? Fernando Arrabal and the Francoist censors

6.00pm Vino de honor sponsored by the Instituto Cervantes (Beswick Foyer)

7.00 pm Dinner (Dining Hall)
8.30 Flamenco (Students Union)

Wednesday 3rd September:
8.00 am Breakfast (Dining Hall)
9.30 am Parallel Sessions (Beswick 001 and 005):
Liam Rodger (Chambers Harrap)

Can English be done into Spanish?
John Naylon (University of Keele)

Rethinking Spanish Tourism
10.15 am Carolina Labarta (LSE)

The real impact of the Gibraltar Question on British Policy towards the Franco Regime
Hilary Rollin (Oxford Brookes University)

Salamanca 2002, Ciudad europea de la cultura: Diverging Perceptions?
11.00 am Coffee
11.30 am Plenary (Beswick 001)
Eamonn Rodgers (University of Strathclyde)

The banning of Batasuna

12.15 am Parallel Sessions (Beswick 001 and 005):
Georgina Blakeley (University of Huddersfield)

Digging up Spain’s Past. Consequences of truth and Reconciliation
Margaret Clarke (University of Portsmouth)

From State Intervention to the Tiger Economy: immigration, the changing face of the labour market and Portugal’s economic future
13.00 pm Lunch (Dining Hall)
2.00 pm Parallel Sessions (Beswick 001 and 005):
Caroline Warman (Institute of Romance Studies, Univ. London)

PORT Project
Fernando León Solís (University of Paisley)

Operación Triunfo y el problema de España

2.45 pm Alvaro Jaspe (University of Ulster)

El gallego no-fascista: Galician Republican perspectives and propaganda during the Spanish Civil War
Hugh O’Donnell (Glasgow Caledonian University)

The Empire Writes Back? The challenge of the domestic Portuguese telenovela.
3.30 pm Tea
4.00 pm Plenary (Beswick 001)
Guest speaker: José Martínez Millán (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Metodología de las elites de poder en la Monarquía hispana durante la edad moderna

4.45 pm AGM

6.15pm Civic reception at Chester Town Hall

7.45 pm Conference Dinner

Thursday 4th September:
8.00 am Breakfast (Dining Hall)
9.30 am Parallel Sessions(Beswick 001 and 005):
Jackie Cannon (Oxford Brookes University)
Business Development in Spain: the interplay of culture and business culture

Jesús Soria Nuñez (University of Northumbria)

Race relations: Canarian regionalist poets of the early 20th century and contemporary popular music.
10.15 am Carmen Domínguez (University of Paisley)

Hola ¿Estás sola? de Iciar Bollain, reinventando 'motherhood'
Sarah Aldred (University of Strathclyde)

Expressions of Cultural Identity in Contemporary Galician Folksong

11.00 am Coffee

11.30 am Parallel Sessions (Beswick 001 and 005):
Barry Jordan (de Montfort University)

Narrative containment and disruption in the Francoist film comedy of the 1960s and 1970s
Monica Threlfall (University of Loughborough)

Gender and the Spanish political system in the context of theories on women and politics.

12.15 am Plenary (Beswick 001)
Chris Perriam (University of Newcastle)

Spanish” Cinema: Getting Beyond “Nation, Gender and Identity”

1pm Lunch (Dining Hall)

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