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United states naval academy department of english

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COURSE: HE111, Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature, Sections 4031 and 5033
INSTRUCTOR: Professor Michael P. Parker (mparker@usna.edu)
Home phone: (410) 263-5680

Office: Room 209 Sampson - (410) 293-6211
OFFICE HOURS: TThF 236; W 23456. Please use the sign-up sheet outside my office.
To examine the relationships between writers and their audiences and the various rhetorical strategies employed in those relationships;
To develop techniques of analysis and criticism that can be applied to any text, visual or verbal;
To study the particular characteristics of the essay, the short story, and drama; and
To hone the students’ writing ability, helping each member of the class to refine a clear yet distinctive style.

Six short papers, each four to five pages in length
A steady regimen of quizzes, in-class exercises, and short assignments
NO midterm and NO final examination

1. Grades and Grading:
Papers 60%

Quizzes and other

short assignments 40%


TOTAL 100%
I reserve the right to raise or lower the final grade by one letter on the basis of class participation.

2. Plagiarism and Collaboration:
All work submitted should be the student’s own. For a definition of plagiarism and examples of what constitutes it, consult Andrea Lunsford, The Everyday Writer, 2nd ed., pp.109-22. Students should not collaborate on assignments unless I specifically authorize them to do so.
3. Late Papers:
Assignments should be submitted on time. If, for some unavoidable reason, you do not have your paper on the given day, I expect you to tell me about it BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE CLASSROOM and arrange to submit it promptly. If you fail to inform me that you have not submitted your paper or if you fail to meet a rescheduled deadline, I will deduct at least ten points from your grade.
4. Extra Instruction:
Extra instruction is available as needed or as requested. All students should sign up for an introductory appointment with me no later than Friday, 10 September.
5. Key to Numerical Grading Systems:
100 - 90 = A 4 = cool

89 - 80 = B 3

79 - 70 = C 2

69 - 60 = D 1

59 - 0 = F 0 = cold
(This system used on quizzes and short assignments)
Students must be thoroughly prepared for class, i.e., they must have read the assignment carefully and have the proper books with them. Failure to do so will result in a lower grade for the course. Students must complete all written and oral assignments to earn a passing final grade.


HE111, Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature Mr. Parker
America Now, ed. Robert Atwan
Best American Stories 2003, ed. Walter Mosley
Tim Gautreaux, Same Place, Same Things
Andrea Lunsford, The Everyday Writer, 2nd ed.
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed.
Suzan-Lori Parks, Topdog/Underdog
William Shakespeare, As You Like It
__________, Macbeth
Sam Shepard, Buried Child

Recitation Schedule
T 24 Aug Introduction to Course
Th 26 Aug Andrea Lunsford, The Everyday Writer, pp. 109-22; Evelyn Nieves, “Mark

Bingham: Gay Hero or Hero Who Was Gay?” Robert Atwan, America Now (AN), p. 26; “Jon Barrett, “This is Mark Bingham,” AN, p. 33

F 27 Aug Dan Levin, “Real Superheroes,” AN, p. 45; Nicholas Thompson, “Hero Inflation,” p. 49

T 31 Aug Eisa Nefertari Ulen, “Muslims in the Mosaic,” AN, p. 84; Aka Lauenstein Denjongpa, “The Color of Aka,” p. 89; Sunita Puri, “Cultural Identity vs. Ethnic Fashions,” p. 95

Th 2 Sep Russell Thornton, “What the Census Doesn’t Count,” AN, p. 103; Richard Rodriguez, “Black and Tan Fantasy,” p. 109; Hadia Mubarak, “Blurring the Lines between Faith and Culture,” p. 115; Advertisement: U.S. ENGLISH, I Pledge Allegiance, p. 120
F 3 Sep Lunsford, The Everyday Writer, pp. 253-63

T 7 Sep David Ogilvy, “How to Write Potent Copy,” HANDOUT

Th 9 Sep Joan Jacobs Brumberg and Jacquelyn Jackson, “The Burka and the Bikini,” AN, p. 60; Rachel Drevno, “Pop Culture is Destroying True Beauty,” p. 68; Kay Hymowitz, “Thank Barbie for Britney,” p. 73; “Fame Instead of Shame,” p. 78
F 10 Sep HANDOUT – Current Advertising

T 14 Sep Brent Staples, “The Meaning of that Star-Spangled Hard Hat,” AN, p. 224; Ian Frazier, “All-Consuming Patriotism,” p. 230; Laura Sahramaa, “When Patriotism Runs Amuck,” p. 238; World War II Posters, p. 243

Th 16 Sep God and the Constitution: How Separate Must They Be? AN, pp. 196-220
F 17 Sep Should Reparations Be Paid for Slavery? AN, pp. 343-81

T 21 Sep E. L. Doctorow, “Baby Wilson,” Best American Short Stories (BASS) 2003, p.

Th 23 Sep Nicole Krauss, “Future Emergencies,” BASS, p. 128
F 24 Sep Lunsford, The Everyday Writer, pp. 228-34; 243-53

T 28 Sep Susan Straight, “Mines,” BASS, p. 16

Th 30 Sep Louise Erdrich, “Shamengwa,” BASS, p. 173
F 1 Oct Football Extravaganza - HOLIDAY

T 5 Oct Ryan Harty, “Why the Sky Turns Red When the Sun Goes Down,” BASS, p. 155

Th 7 Oct Adam Haslett, “Devotion,” BASS, p. 140
F 8 Oct Dan Chaon, “The Bees,” BASS, p. 268

T 12 Oct Mona Simpson, “Coins,” BASS, p. 28

Th 14 Oct Rand Richards Cooper, “Johnny Hamburger,” BASS, p. 253, and Dorothy Allison, “Compassion,” p. 297
F 15 Oct Tim Gautreaux, “Same Place, Same Things,” in Same Place, Same Things

(SPST), p. 11

T 19 Oct Gautreaux, “Waiting for the Evening News,” SPST, p. 19, and “Died and Gone

to Vegas,” p. 37

Th 21 Oct Gautreaux, “The Courtship of Merlin LeBlanc,” SPST, p. 57, and “Navigators of

Thought,” p. 73

F 22 Oct Gautreaux, “People on the Empty Road,” SPST, p. 87

T 26 Oct Gautreaux, “The Bug Man,” SPST, p. 109, and “Little Frogs in a Ditch,” p. 127

Th 28 Oct William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act I, pp. 51-72; Introduction, pp. 7-29
F 29 Oct Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act II, pp. 72-86; Introduction, pp. 29-45

T 2 Nov Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act III, pp. 86-104

Th 4 Nov Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act IV, pp. 104-23
F 5 Nov Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act V, pp. 124-38

T 9 Nov Sam Shepard, Buried Child, Act I, pp. 3-27

Th 11 Nov Veterans’ Day - HOLIDAY
F 12 Nov Shepard, Buried Child, Act II, pp. 28-50

T 16 Nov Shepard, Buried Child, Act III, pp. 51-73

Th 18 Nov Suzan-Lori Parks, Topdog/Underdog, Scenes 1 and 2, pp. 1-35
F 19 Nov Parks, Topdog/Underdog, Scenes 3 and 4, pp. 36-57

T 23 Nov Parks, Topdog/Underdog, Scenes 5 and 6, pp. 58-109

Th 25 Nov Thanksgiving - HOLIDAY
F 26 Nov Christmas Shopping Begins - HOLIDAY

T 30 Nov William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act I, pp.3-24

Th 1 Dec Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act II, pp. 24-46
F 2 Dec Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act III, pp. 46-73

T 7 Dec Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act IV and V, pp. 73-105

Th 9 Dec Wrap-up

Thursday, 2 September

Thursday, 16 September

Thursday, 30 September

Thursday, 14 October

Thursday, 4 November

Friday, 19 November

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