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There will be several criteria for the project

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You will in your groups, create a dialogue or story of directions using a map on the Smartboard. The map will either be a Google map of South Bend(with which you can scroll around), or a map of St. Joe High School which you must create on your own, or a Scavenger hunt where you hide clues and lead another group to them.
There will be several criteria for the project:

  • Your group must choose 3-4 locations and give extremely detailed directions on how to arrive there

  • OPTIONAL: The story or directions should include at least 5 irregular preterite verbs. For instance, “You did a great job finding the clue.

  • Your group can choose any modes of transportation you desire.


Scavenger Hunt:

  • Students will give detailed (step by step) directions to 3-4 locations within the school building

  • Students will alternate between following the directions on the map while the other students is verbally giving the directions to the class

  • I will ask follow-up questions of each group member as well as choose an alternate route for the student

  • OPTION: Students may choose to draw a map of the locations/directions

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