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Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained

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Pentecost Sunday June 8, 2014

“Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained” (John 20:23).

How does someone learn to forgive? Our Lord continually commands us to forgive each other seven times seventy. Unless we forgive we will not be forgiven. And “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” The message is loud and clear but so often difficult to carry out. In fact the unscrupulous demand that we forgive them because that is what a Christian does, or ought to do.

Realize however that our Lord imposes another commandment, that is love one another. Now this is not some soft mushy emotion. It does not refer to eros, the proper love between a man and women. It refers to agape, a love that is a total act of the will, not the emotion or instinct. We can choose to love someone we dislike. We can choose to love someone who may hurt us. We can choose to love someone who is unappealing, annoying, disruptive, and out of place. To love someone who loves us or is appealing is effortless and natural; pagan and Christian are capable of this love. Jesus calls us to a higher love. He chose to love us: we are sinners, but he died for us. We are disobedient, but he showed us the way anyway. We are fickle, impetuous, disagreeable, and selfish, but he gave and gave until it hurt. So if we are to imitate Jesus, then we need to choose to love especially those who we find offensive or offend us.

And the command to forgive is like the former. If we rely on our feelings in order to forgive, then we may never do it. Because once we are hurt, the wound stings and our memories become better than that of elephants. So we must choose to forgive. We need to disregard our feelings in this case and forgive. Now we aren’t stupid, and we don’t forget that we have been burnt once and so we become as gentle as a dove and as cunning as a snake. Yet when we are hurt, offended, or disturbed (and often it is petty), we need to make a full act of the will and forgive. The emotions may still linger so we have to be wary that they don’t cause us to sin again, but we need to forgive.

How many times our Lord was and is offended: Judas betrayed him, the used auto salesman lied to the customer, the Jews turned him over to the Romans, the priest hurt a child, St. Peter denied him three times, the woman committed adultery, the Romans beat him and crucified him, the dictator slaughter a people, the passer-bys insulted him, the children tormented their classmate, the apostles deserted him, and the family “forgot” to go to Mass on Sunday.

We are all sinners in the hands of a merciful Father, but we ought never to presume his forgiveness. “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” (Lk 6:36). Not until we learn to forgive can we be forgiven. Not until we love one another as we love ourselves, can we fully know the love and forgiveness of God so eloquently played out on the Cross. So in your heart of hearts, think of someone who hurt you and forgive him/her. And if it is prudent tell him that you forgive him.

Pax Christi

Fr. Paul J. Prevosto

"When we realize that we are all sinners needing forgiveness, it will be easy for us to forgive others. We have to be forgiven in order to be able to forgive. If I do not understand this, it will be very hard for me to say, "I forgive you" to anyone who comes to me" (Mother Teresa: Her Essential Wisdom ed. by Carol Kelly-Gangi, 2006).


SATURDAY Vigil Masses for Pentecost Sunday

5:00 PM

Ron Pezzillo

6:30 PM

Juana Molla & Ramón Santo


7:00 AM

Mary & Jack Mulligan

8:15 AM

Efraín Tejada y Teresa y Portofino Javier

10:00 AM

Felix McDonnell - 7th Anniversary

11:15 AM

People of the Parish

12:30 PM

Douglas Timmins

4:00 PM

Misang Pilipino

MONDAY June 9 - Ephrem, deacon & doctor

7:00 AM

Agnes Thurston

8:00 AM

Donato Vitale

12:10 PM

Dorothy Rowlands


7:00 AM

Carmen Micheli

8:00 AM

Mary O'Shea

12:10 PM

Carol Rohwohle

WEDNESDAY June 11 - Barnabas, apostle

7:00 AM

Brother Thomas Gensen

8:00 AM

Eugenio & Francisca DeCristofaro

12:10 PM

Fred & Liugia Marseglia


7:00 AM

Lucille Pilger

8:00 AM

Mary Hearty

12:10 PM

Cesar Augusto Jimenez Quiceno

FRIDAY June 13 - Anthony of Padua, priest & doctor

7:00 AM

Dale Julette

8:00 AM

Francisco & Angelina Suarez

12:10 PM

John Roche


8:00 AM

Mary Hearty

12:10 PM

In thanksgiving to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Anticipated Masses for Sunday

5:00 PM

Our Fathers, living and deceased

6:30 PM

Nuestros Padres, vivo y defuntos


7:00 AM

Our Fathers, living and deceased

8:15 AM

Nuestros Padres, vivo y difuntos

10:00 AM

Our Fathers, living and deceased

11:15 AM

Our Fathers, living and deceased

12:30 PM

Our Fathers, living and deceased

Our Parish Community prays for the sick:

Mary Badaracco, Robert Lewis, Vincent Maccarro, Phyllis Maher, Jose & Dorothy Nogueras, Maureen Quinn, Joyce Wottke,

/Wilfredo Sanchez, Jeremy Guilleard//Baby Marianna, Terri Lombardi, Bella Denisulk, Taylor Family, Ann Marquez, Jamie Clark, Miriam Gonzalez///Wilfredo Sanchez, Daniel Breslin, Laura Jean Holland, Cecily Buck, Sophia Soto////Lauren Haenelt

Please pray for our faithful departed and their loved ones:

Dominita Valentin

Prayer for Our Troops

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.


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Date & Time: Friday, June 20th, 7:30 pm

St. Paul writes in his letter to the Galatians (3:20):  "Glory be to Him whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine . . ."  Through God Our Father's Gift of His Holy Spirit, the presence, power and love of Jesus continues to raise up the suffering, hurting and those in despair. At every Mass we are able to receive Jesus and His healing love in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  We invite you to come, and to bring someone you know who needs to experience the Healing Love of God. For information you may call St. John the Evangelist Parish Office @ , or Joyce @ 201-286-0777

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Seven Deadly Sins / Seven Lively Virtues

Wednesday Evenings: June 11, 18, 25, July 2, 9 & 16

7 PM in the auditorium (church side entrance)

Each video program is about 15 minutes long, followed by a group discussion and prayer. Any questions, please contact: Paul Hom 201-525-1625 or hompa2@me.com 

The Living Water of the Holy Spirit

The water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of living water, welling up into eternal life. This is a new kind of water, a living, leaping water, welling up for those who are worthy. But why did Christ call the grace of the Spirit water? Because all things are dependent on water; plants and animals have their origin in water. Water comes down from heaven as rain, and although it is always the same in itself, it produces many different effects, one in the palm tree, another in the vine, and so on throughout the whole of creation. It does not come down, now as one thing, now as another, but while remaining essentially the same, it adapts itself to the needs of every creature that receives it.
In the same way the Holy Spirit, whose nature is always the same, simple and indivisible, apportions grace to each man as he wills. Like a dry tree which puts forth shoots when watered, the soul bears the fruit of holiness when repentance has made it worthy of receiving the Holy Spirit. Although the Spirit never changes, the effects of this action, by the will of God and in the name of Christ, are both many and marvelous.

The Spirit makes one man a teacher of divine truth, inspires another to prophesy, gives another the power of casting out devils, enables another to interpret holy Scripture. The Spirit strengthens one man’s self-control, shows another how to help the poor, teaches another to fast and lead a life of asceticism, makes another oblivious to the needs of the body, trains another for martyrdom. His action is different in different people, but the Spirit himself is always the same. In each person, Scripture says, the Spirit reveals his presence in a particular way for the common good.

The Spirit comes gently and makes himself known by his fragrance. He is not felt as a burden, for he is light, very light. Rays of light and knowledge stream before him as he approaches. The Spirit comes with the tenderness of a true friend and protector to save, to heal, to teach, to counsel, to strengthen, to console. The Spirit comes to enlighten the mind first of the one who receives him, and then, through him, the minds of others as well.
As light strikes the eyes of a man who comes out of darkness into the sunshine and enables him to see clearly things he could not discern before, so light floods the soul of the man counted worthy of receiving the Holy Spirit and enables him to see things beyond the range of human vision, things hitherto undreamed of.

From a catechetical instruction by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop.

June 22 after the 12:30 Mass

The feast of Corpus Christi is one time when our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is exposed not just to faithful Catholics but to all the world. This is a time when Catholics can show their love for Christ in the Real Presence by honoring Him in a very public way. It is also a wonderful way in which we can show our love for our neighbors by bringing Our Lord and Savior closer to them.

According to Canon Law (Can. 944 §1,2) "Wherever in the judgment of the diocesan Bishop it can be done, a procession through the streets is to be held, especially on the solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, as a public witness of veneration of the Blessed Eucharist. It is for the diocesan Bishop to establish such regulations about processions as will provide participation in them and for their being carried out in a dignified manner." Note that such processions can take place throughout the liturgical year but are "especially" encouraged on the feast of Corpus Christi. No other devotion has received such attention in the Code of Canon Law which shows the importance the Church attaches to this feast. It is one of the few feasts which is mentioned along with Holy Days of Obligation: "… the following holy days are to be observed: the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Epiphany, the Ascension of Christ, the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, the feast of Mary, the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption, the feast of St. Joseph, the feast of the Apostles Sts. Peter and Paul, and the feast of All Saints." (Can. 1246 §1)

The full name of this feast is Corpus et Sanguis Christi or The Body and Blood of Christ. "The feast of the Blessed Sacrament was established in 1246 by Bishop Robert de Thorte of Liege at the suggestion of St. Juliana of Mont Carvillon. [It was] extended to the universal Church by Pope Urban in 1264. The office composed by St. Thomas Aquinas and customary procession was approved by Popes Martin V and Eugene IV. Celebrated in June, the first Sunday after the feast of the Trinity." (Modern Catholic Dictionary, by John A. Hardon, S.J.)

St. Juliana, a Belgian nun in Retinne, lived at the time of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Louis. She received this inspiration from Our Lord for the following reasons: 1) that the Catholic doctrine receive aid from the institution of this festival at a time when the faith of the world was growing cold and heresies were rife; 2) that the faithful who love and seek truth and piety may be enabled to draw from this source of life new strength and vigor to walk continually in the way of virtue; 3) that irreverence and sacrilegious behavior towards the Divine Majesty in this adorable Sacrament may, by sincere and profound adoration, be extirpated and repaired; 4) to announce to the Christian world His will that the feast be observed. (Full Brief of Pope Urban IV in The Blessed Eucharist, Fr. Michael Muller, C.S.S.R., 1867; republished by TAN Publishers, Rockford, IL 1994.)

After the last Mass on this feast day Our Lord is placed in the monstrance. The priest then carries Him to four different altars representing the four corners of the earth. While processing, the congregation follows and sings. At each altar there are readings, prayers, and benediction.

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First Honors Matthew Villa, Mia Watson

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Wednesday, June 18th for only $29.00. Contact Regina at 201-487-9147 to register.


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Here are some Websites you might find helpful in learning more about our faith:

The Vatican: vatican.va

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For a Happy Marriage www.foryourmarriage.org

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June 20 at 7:30 PM

Light refreshments will be served.

"Science Tests Faith": An investigation of a Eucharistic Miracle in Argentina was commissioned by Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, in 1999. Hear the story unfold as science finds flesh & blood, human DNA, heart muscle, and white blood cells all in a Bleeding Consecrated Host! See as the truth of the Eucharist is revealed by science! Ron Tesoriero, attorney and producer, and Mike Willesse, investigative journalist, build a powerful fact-based case for belief in the Eucharist. This film is a strong testimony for the renewed love for and belief in the true presence of Jesus in this Most Holy Sacrament.


Adult Choir assembles every Wednesday at 7:30 PM in the choir loft of the church. All are welcome. We are looking for more tenors and basses!!
Hermanos de Holy Trinity :

Hoy, en el día de Pentecostés se realiza el cumplimiento de la promesa que Cristo había hecho a los Apóstoles. En la tarde del día de Pascua sopló sobre ellos y les dijo: Recibid el Espíritu Santo. La venida del Espíritu Santo el día de Pentecostés renueva y lleva a plenitud ese don de un modo solemne y con manifestaciones externas. Así culmina el misterio pascual.

El Espíritu que Jesús comunica crea en el discípulo una nueva condición humana y produce unidad. Cuando el orgullo del hombre le lleva a desafiar a Dios construyendo la torre de Babel, Dios confunde sus lenguas y no pueden entenderse. En Pentecostés sucede lo contrario: por gracia del Espíritu Santo, los Apóstoles son entendidos por gentes de las más diversas procedencias y lenguas.

El Espíritu Santo es el Maestro interior que guía al discípulo hacia la verdad, que le mueve a obrar el bien, que lo consuela en el dolor, que lo transforma interiormente, dándole una fuerza, una capacidad nuevas.

El primer día de Pentecostés de la era cristiana, los Apóstoles estaban reunidos en compañía de María, y estaban en oración. El recogimiento, la actitud orante es imprescindible para recibir el Espíritu. «De repente, un ruido del cielo, como de un viento recio, resonó en toda la casa donde se encontraban. Vieron aparecer unas lenguas, como llamaradas, que se repartían, posándose encima de cada uno» Todos quedaron llenos del Espíritu Santo, y se pusieron a predicar valientemente. Aquellos hombres atemorizados habían sido transformados en valientes predicadores que no temían la cárcel, ni la tortura, ni el martirio. No es extraño; la fuerza del Espíritu estaba en ellos.

El Espíritu Santo, Tercera Persona de la Santísima Trinidad, es el alma de mi alma, la vida de mi vida, el ser de mi ser; es mi santificador, el huésped de mi interior más profundo. Para llegar a la madurez en la vida de fe es preciso que la relación con Él sea cada vez más consciente, más personal. En esta celebración de Pentecostés abramos las puertas de nuestro interior de par en par.

Pidámosle el espíritu al señor porque es lo que vale mas y que necesitamos mas en nuestras vidas para poder llevar la carga de la cruz cada día.
Padre: JP Muralles
El Seminario de Vida en el Espíritu

El Grupo "Unidos por el Amor de Dios" invita a toda la comunidad al Seminario de vida en el Espíritu. 

Fecha Temas

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FECHA: Sábado, 21 de Junio, 2014

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