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Date of Birth: June 13th, 1959

ID Number: 6.804 366-7 de Santiago

Nationality: Chilean – Spanish

Civil Status: Married, three children

Profession: Sociologist

Languages: French (fluently), English (fluently)
Secondary Education

Alliance Française, Santiago

Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires

Free Examinations Man Lyceum 1, Santiago

Post-Secondary Education

  1. University of Chile, Philosophy, Humanity and Education College (1976-1981). Sociology Studies. Diploma: Bachelor in Sociology (1985). Awarded with the Maximum Distinction.

  2. ECO (Education and Communications). Education Program for Popular Teachers (1982)

  3. CIDE (Research Centre and Education Development), Training for Investigation Program for Youth in Education and Society in Latin America (1983).

  4. Catholic University of Lovaina, College of Economic, Socials and Politic Sciences (1985-1986). Post-Graduated Studies in Sociology. Diploma: Master Studies in Sociology (1986). Awarded with Great Distinction.

  5. Catholic University of Lovaina. College of Economic, Socials and Politic Sciences (1987-1990). Post-Graduated Studies in Sociology. Diploma: Master Studies in Sociology (1990).

  6. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Centre of Extension. Seminar “Strategies and Tools to Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness in the non lucrative Public Organization Management” (1995).

  7. Inter American Development Bank (BID); Inter American Institute for Social Development, (INDES). Course on “Managers in Design and Social Management”, Washington, 1996.

Professional Activity

    1. UNESCO – OREAL Consultant

    2. Undersecretary, Ministry of Education (March 2000 – March 2003)

    3. Manager of Educational Projects, Andes Foundation (August 1998 – February 2000).

    4. National Coordinator of MECE-Media Program, Ministry of Education (1997 – August 1980).

    5. National Coordinator of Montegrande Project, Ministry of Education (1996 – August 1998).

    6. National Sub Director of the Solidarity Fund in Social Investment – FOSIS, (1994 – 1996).

    7. Head of the Sub-Department of Studies and Promotion of the National Council of Television, (1993 – 1994). Responsible of studies on television and the High Cultural Level TV Programs Fund administration.

    8. Researcher for the Young People Work Training Program from the Ministry of Labor, (1993-1994).

    9. Coordinator and Executive Director of the Cultural Services Centre for Young People “Balmaceda 1215” under the Cultural Division of the Ministry of Education and the Santiago Municipality, 1992

    10. Coordination of the Program Educational-Cultural “Your life counts, tell your life”, from the Cultural Division of the Ministry of Education, (1991 – 1992).

    11. Consultant of Ministry of Education Mr. Ricardo Lagos, in Young People Issues, (1991-1992). Responsible of the planning and coordination of the Ministry actions to the secondary and university students, as well as the representation of the Ministry and the Minister for the young people organizations.

    12. Coordinator of the Research Program of CIDE –Research and Education Development Centre, (1990 – 1991).

    13. Researcher and Educator of Overall Health Program of Pirue. (1988-1992). In charge of investigations of sport clubs in the popular sectors. Coordinator of health and education experiences with adolescence and popular sectors.

    14. Researcher of CIDE –Research and Education Development Centre, (1983 – 1992). Researches on secondary students and on young people settlers. Co-researcher, together with Juan Eduardo García-Huidobro, in studies on school culture.

    15. Educator in the educational Program “workshop of Training for Population Officials” organized by Liliana Vaccaro and by the PIE Interdisciplinary Program of Education Investigation, (1981-1985).

    16. Co-researcher with Eduardo Valenzuela in studies on the history of the Chilean student movement between 1920 – 1925, in SUR Consultants, (1980 – 1981).

Consulting, Scholarships and Trainings

  1. World Bank Consultant for the creation of the Integrated Services Project for young people in Colombia, Missions in August 1997 and March 1998.

  2. Invited participant to the International Visitor Program of the United States Information Agency for the political knowledge, institutions and educational programs visit, January 1997.

  3. Consultant SELA / BID paper “Education and Urban Young People in Latin America”, submitted at the Regional Meeting on “Challenges of Urban Young People in Latin America and the Caribbean”, Caracas – Venezuela, June 12 -13, 1995.

  4. ECLAC Consultant, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Coordination of the International Expert Seminar to define the Action Plan for the Young People of the Region. To write the main document for the Central Seminar, October – December 1993.

  5. Consultant for the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Argentina. Consultant on the public image of the Program “Young Project”, August – November 1993.

  6. PREALC Consultant – Employment Regional Program for Latin America and the Caribbean. Studies on focalization in Labor Training Programs for Young People, May – July 1993.

  7. Consultant of PHO- Pan American Health Organization. International Seminar coordination on Inter-Division in Public Policies in Adolescents and Young People, January 1993.

  8. Consultant of Participa Corporation. Papers in different seminars of the Corporation (1991- 1993). Evaluation on the area of juvenile leaders training, July 1993.

  9. Scholarship for the Cooperation of the Lovaina Catholic University, 1985 – 1990.

  10. Scholarship of the Education Program for Investigation Young People from CIDE- Investigation and Education Development Centre, 1983.

  11. Editor and producer of syllabus for the provisional system in Chile, ECO – Education and Communications – and Vicaria Pastoral Obrera, 1982.

  12. Assistant Researcher in the Project Learning Workshops organized by Jorge Chateau, in FLACSO - Latin American College of Social Sciences -, 1982.

  13. Assistant Researcher in studies about ideology of “El Mercurio” directed by Fernando Ossandón, in ECO (Education and Communications), 1980.

Institutions and Member

  1. Member of the Publishing Committee Magazine “Vida y Derecho”, published by FORJA Ltda., from 1992 to the present.

  2. Member of Board of the Cultural Services Centre for Young People “Balmaceda 1215”, since 1994 to the present.

  3. Member of the Board of Investigation Centre and Development of Education CIDE, since 1996.


  1. “How can quality and equity of the learning process be guaranteed in a system in which the ministry of education is not responsible for school administration? The Chilean Experience”, Policy Forum, IIEP – International Institute for Educational Planning -, Paris, June 2001.

  2. “Syllabus Reform of the secondary education in Chile (1999 – 2001): key of a process”, Regional Dialogue, BID, Washington, April 2002.

Academic Events and Teaching

  1. Speaker at Seminar – Workshop: “Youth in the third Milenium”, Juvenile Forum, Montevideo – Uruguay, November 26 and 27, 1996.

  2. Speaker at Seminar – Workshop: “Evaluation and Follow up of the Funds and Latin American and Caribbean Social Programs Results”, organized by the Red de Solidaridad Social, Republic of Colombia and UNPD, Paipa – Colombia, October 25 to 27, 1995.

  3. Professor of the course: “Management of programs aimed at Overcoming Poverty” organized by University of Chile, Faculty of Social Sciences, Project Strategies to Overcome Poverty, September 1995.

  4. Representative of the Chilean Government to the Seminar “System of information and decision taking in Social Policy”, organized by C.L.D., March 27 to 30 1995. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

  5. Teacher “For a Sustainable Country”, University of Chile, January 1994.

  6. Speaker at Seminar – Course Europe and Latin America “Rural Youth, productive insertion and cooperation models”, organized by INDAP, Juvenile Forum and ETID, Santiago, November 1993.

  7. Speaker at the Seminar “The Television and the children” organized by the C.P.U. – Corporación de Promoción Universitaria. Santiago, August 1992.

  8. Speaker at the Third Congress on Sociology, Santiago, August 1992.

  9. Speaker at the Seminar “Expectations and Realities of Latin American Youth” organized by CLACSO Juvenile Group - Latin American Council for Social Sciences, Santiago, December 1991.

  10. Speaker at the International Meeting of Experts of the Integrated Program of Mobilization, Dissemination and Cultural Tourism, organized by the – Instituto Integrado de Integración (I.I.I.) – on the context of Convenio Andrés Bello, hold in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, November 1991.

  11. Speaker at the Seminar “Youth and Policy in Chile”, organized by the Corporation Participa, Santiago, August 1991.

  12. Speaker at the Seminar “Experiences and Policies in the field of Sexuality and Pregnancy in Adolescence” organized by CORSAPS, Santiago, April, 1991.

  13. Paper “All poor Young People are Young People on Risk” at the Expert Meeting from the Inter American Council for Education, Science and Culture for OAS. Organization of American States -, hold in Washington D.C., USA, December 2nd to 6th, 1990.

  14. Guest teacher of the Course “Social Stratification” from the School of Social Planning organized by SUR – Consultants, second quarter, 1990, 1992, 1994 and 1996.

  15. Speaker at the Seminar “Situation and Perspectives of the Southern Cone Youth”, organized by CELAJU, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 1990.

  16. Speaker at the Third Chilean Congress on Sociology, organized by the Colegio de Sociólogos, Santiago, September 1989.

  17. Speaker and Member of the Organizing Committee “Problems of Youth, Challenges of Chilean Society”, organized by SUR, CIEPLAN, CIDE and Instituto Nuevo Chile, Santiago, August 1989.

  18. Speaker at Latin American Congress on Sociology, organized by ALAS (Asociación Latinoamericana de Sociología), Montevideo, Uruguay, February 1989.

  19. Professor co-responsible, together with Wanda Lado, Course: “Integrated Workshop of Methodology”, of the Escuela de Trabajo Social de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, January – July 1988.

  20. Guest Professor to the Course “Popular Education, evaluation and participative methodologies”, organized by Ministry of Health of Bolivia, La Paz, 1983.


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