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Minutes of Monthly Meeting held on 26th March, 2012 at Mornington House, Summerhill Road, Trim, Co. Meath at 30pm

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Toghcheantar Baile Átha Troim - Trim Area

Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Monthly Meeting held on 26th March, 2012

at Mornington House, Summerhill Road, Trim, Co. Meath at 2.30pm.

Members Present:-

Cllr. J. Fox (vice chair), Cllr. B. Carey, Cllr. J. Fegan

Cathaoirleach Cllr. T. McElhinney

Officials in Attendance:-

Area Manager: Des Foley

Area Administrator: Brian Murphy

Senior Executive Engineer: Vincent Collins

Clerical Officer: Aine Brennan

Building Control Officer: John Sweeney

    1. Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting held on the 20th February 2012.

Proposed by Cllr. Fegan and seconded by Cllr. Carey.

  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes:


  1. Expressions of Sympathy and Congratulations.

An expression of sympathy was passed to the family of Cllr. McElhinney on the recent death of her husbands aunt.

  1. Correspondence and matters raised by the Manager.

Area Administrator informed the members that the Environment Department was coming to Market Street, Trim on Thursday the 5th April 2012 to give out advise on dog fouling and control of dogs.

  1. Statutory Business

    1. To receive an annual update on the prioritising of the Taking in Charge of Housing Estates within the Trim Electoral Area.

John Sweeney, Building Control Officer presented the members with a report indicating the status of each housing estate to be taken in charge. (Report circulated)

The following issues were raised:

  • It was asked if the developer of Beechcroft, Summerhill had acknowledged the correspondence that issued to him.

  • It was stated that Beechcroft was built in the 1980’s and that it has still not been taken in charge and requested that a follow up letter should issue.

  • It was suggested that reminder letters issue by registered post.

  • It was suggested to put forward a Notice of Motion to the Full Council requesting that reminder letters should issue to developers by registered post.

  • It was stated that the residents of Moyfenrath, Enfield did not want the housing estate to be taken in charge due to the plans to put in a pedestrian walkway from the estate to the school.

  • It was asked that the following housing estates be included on the Priority List for 2012:

    1. Glennidan, Enfield,

    2. The Glebe, Ballivor,

    3. Pinebrook, Trim,

    4. Elmgrove, Summerhill

    5. Alandara, Summerhill

      • It was suggested that the update in relation to Delmere, Enfield should state that the developer has been given 6 months to reply to the Councils request of October 2011.

John Sweeney responded as follows:

  • Stated that the developer of Beechcroft had not acknowledged the correspondence that issued to him in December 2011.

  • Confirmed that the above mentioned estates would be included on the priority list of housing estates to be taken in charge.

Area Manager: Stated that an update would be brought to the next meeting in relation to the taking in charge of Beechcroft, Sullerhill.
It was agreed that a Notice of Motion would be put forward to the May 2012 Full Council meeting. The wording of same was agreed by the members.

  1. Notice of Question


  1. Update on works ongoing from Area Engineer

Area Engineer circulated his report and the following issues were raised:

Cllr. Fegan: Asked if there were any plans to fill in the gap between Mornington Heights and the ring road.

Engineer: Stated that there was no plan to carry out any works in this area as the filter lane does not extend to this point.

Cllr. Fox: Enquired about the gullies that are being put in place in Summerhill.

Engineer: Stated that there are a few new gullies being put in.

  1. Any Other Business

Cllr. Carey raised the following:

  • Enquired about a filter light being installed at the navan road junction

  • Enquired about the water supply in Longwood.

  • Asked if a letter issued to Killyon Development Group.

  • Enquired about Clonard Cowplot.

  • Stated that there is a number of people interested in connecting to a group sewerage scheme in Enfield and asked how they would go about connecting to same.

  • Asked if there was any update from the Superintendant in relation to the on street parking in Enfield.

  • Enquired about Cul de Sac road numbers in Rathmolyon and Longwood.

Area Manager, Area Administrator and Area Engineer replied as follows:

  • Informed the members that if an extra filter light was put in place it would effect the current busy lanes and that this would lead to bigger delays at that junction.

  • Stated that works are ongoing on the entrance to the new well in Longwood in order to make the connection that that a completion date is imminent.

  • Stated that a letter issued to Killyon Development Group

  • Informed the members that an inspection is to be carried out on the cowplot prior to removing the herd.

  • Stated that there is an application form that is to be completed and that some forms would issue to him.

  • The Area manager stated that he is looking to meet with the Superintendant and come to some arrangement.

  • Stated that a road number was to be erected in Rathmolyon and that only Cul de Sacs off regional roads were to be dome and did not think that the area of Blankwater was not covered under the scheme.

Cllr. Fegan: Stated that the Gallops Housing Estate had been categorised incorrectly by the Local Authority and that the residents of the estate are now liable to pay the house hold charge even though the housing estate is unfinished.
Area Manager: Stated that a review is to be carried out on the list of unfinished housing estates next year.
Cllr. Fox raised the following:

  • Stated that there is a lot of speeding vehicles on the Dublin road between the School and the roundabout at Knightsbrook.

  • Stated that the site beside Church View housing estate in Rathmolyon needs to be cleaned up

  • Asked if the sewerage works in Summerhill were near completion.

Area Administrator and Area Engineer responded as follows.

  • Stated that the issue relating to speeding on the Dublin Road had been brought to the attention of the Superintendant Mary Gormley at a recent Joint Policing Committee meeting and that speed vans have been in the area.

  • Stated that he will inspect the site in Rathmolyon and see what works need to be carried out and that as far as he was aware the dirt that had been in the field had been removed.

  • Informed the members that the sewerage works in Summerhill were complete and that the roads were to be resurfaced next.

It was agreed by all that the March Area Meeting would be held on the 16th April @ 2.30p.m.

Meeting Concluded at 4:10 p.m.

Signed:__________________ Cathaoirleach


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