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Journal of Information Systems and e-Business Management

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Journal of Information Systems and e-Business Management

Volume 1, Number 1

Editorial Notes 1

Jörg Becker and Michael J. Shaw

Back to the Future: From Knowledge Management to the Management of Information and Data 5

Robert D. Galliers
Sue Newell

Smart Marketplaces: A Step Beyond Web Services 15

Xianjun Geng
Yun Huang
Andrew B. Whinston

Classification of Reference Models - A Methodology and its Application 35

Peter Fettke
Peter Loos

E-commerce Trust Concepts Based on Seals and Insurance Solutions 55

Claudia Loebbecke

The Role of the Internet in Business-to-business Network Transformations: A Novel Case and Theoretical Analysis 73

Leslie W. Young
Robert B. Johnston

Market Segmentation Using Service Levels in Data Networks 93

Kerem Tomak
Kemal Altinkemer
Burak Kazaz

Collaborative Integration in e-Business through Private Trading Exchanges 119

Omar A. El Sawy

Volume 1, Number 2

Adoption and impact of collaboration electronic marketplaces 139

M.Lynne Markus

Ellen Christiaanse
e-Collaboration within one supply chain and its impact on firms' innovativeness and performance 157

Élisabeth Lefebvre

Luc Cassivi

Louis A. Lefebvre

Pierre-Majorique Léger
The physics of e-commerce supply chains 175

Amitava Dutta

Rahul Roy
Coordination in networks: An economic equilibrium analysis 189

Tim Weitzel

Daniel Beimborn

Wolfgang König
A comparative study of exchange and aggregation models in the B2B e-marketplace 213

Hsin-Lu Chang

Robert F. Easley

Michael J. Shaw
Specifying information systems for business process integration. A management perspective 229

Joerg Becker

Alexander Dreiling

Roland Holten

Michael Ribbert

Volume 1, Number 3

Editorial 299

Specifying information systems for business process integration - A management perspective 231

Joerg Becker

Alexander Dreiling

Roland Holten

Michael Ribbert

Measuring e-business performance: Towards a revised balanced scorecard approach 265

Robert Plant

Leslie Willcocks

Nancy Olsen

Information systems architecture styles and business interaction patterns: Toward theoretic correspondence 283

Christoph Schlueter Langdon

Price and capacity competition of application services duopoly 305

Hsing Kenneth Cheng

Haluk Demirkan

Gary J. Koehler

Volume 1, Number 4

e-Business process interleaving: Managerial and technological implications 331

Arie Segev

Ajit Patankar

J. Leon Zhao

The crisis of control: A progessive approach towards information systems integration for small companies 353

Lorraine Warren

A smart advisory service for e-commerce applications based upon intelligent agents 373

Hermann Krallmann

Hermann Többen

Michael Eimermacher

Coordinating multiple agents for workflow-oriented process orchestration 387

M. Brian Blake

Management decision support using long-term market simulation 405

Clemens Czernohous

Wolf Fichtner

Daniel J. Veit

Christof Weinhardt

Volume 2, Number 1

Theoretical foundations for collaborative commerce research and practice 1

Edward Hartono, Clyde Holsapple

Measuring dimensions of perceived e-business risks 31

Judy E. Scott

Special Issue on Web Services

Edited by Yen Yao Chung (IBM Research)
and Kwei-Jay Lin (University of California-Irvine)

Introduction 57
A policy framework for Web-Service based Business Activity Management (BAM) Jun-Jang Jeng, Henry Chang, Jen-Yao Chung 59

A Web service based framework for analyzing and measuring business performance 89

Carolyn McGregor, Josef Schiefer

How public conversation management integrated with local business process management 111
Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Vinkesh Metha
Implementing conflict of interest assertions in WS-policy with separation of duties for web services matchmaking process 127

Patrick C.K. Hung, Guang-Sha Qiu
Adaptive integration activity management for on demand business process collaboration 148

Liang-Jie Zhang, Yu Long, Tian Chao, Henry Chang, John Sayah

Volume 2, Number 2-3

Special Issue on Information Systems and Organization Issues in Supply Chain Management

Guest Editor: Norm Archer
Introduction 167
Beyond exchange models: Understanding the structure of B2B information systems 169
Dipanjan Chartterjee, Thiagarajan Ravichandran

System dynamics of supply chain network organization structure

Yong Zhang, David Dilts 187

Supply chain management information systems capabilities. An exploratory study of electronics manufacturers 207

Tim S. McLaren, Milena M. Head, Yufei Yuan

The e-business capability of small and medium sized firms in international supply chains 223
David A. Johnston, Lorna Wright
Knowledge management in production alliances 241

Linda Moffat, Norm Archer
Supporting collaboration in business-to-business electronic marketplaces 269

Shan Wang, Norm Archer

Volume 2, Number 4

Special Issue on Wireless Information Systems and Mobile Commerce

Guest Editors: Troy J. Strader, Peter Tarasewich, and Robert C. Nickerson
The state of wireless information systems and mobile commerce research 287
Troy J. Strader, Peter Tarasewich, and Robert C. Nickerson

Are we ready? The state of wireless e-business in the USA

Kira Lopperi, Sanjit Sengupta 293

The relationship between quality of service perceived and delivered in mobile Internet communications 309

Matti Koivisto, Andrew Urbaczewski

Group-oriented mobile services: Requirements and solutions 325
Upkar Varshney
Exploring the role of experience and compatibility in using mobile technologies

Andrew Schwarz, Iris A. Junglas, Vlad Krotov, Wynne W. Chin 337

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