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Josef Suk Quartet

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Josef Suk Quartet
Radim Kresta, violín

Eva Krestová, viola

Václav Petr, violoncello

Václav Mácha, piano

19 de enero de 2015


Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)

Movimiento de cuarteto con piano en la menor
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

Cuarteto para piano nº 3 e do menor Op. 60

I.   Allegro non troppo

II.  Scherzo. Allegro

III. Andante

IV. Finale. Allegro comodo
Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)

Cuarteto para piano nº 2 en mi bemol mayor Op. 87

I.   Allegro con fuoco

II.  Lento

III. Allegro moderato, grazioso

IV. Allegro ma non troppo

Próximo concierto: 26 de enero. Ann Hampton Calloway

Josef Suk Piano Quartet

„Josef Suk Piano Quartet is exactly an “ensemble” according to what this term means in Chamber Music: just what our Competition always looks for in each edition! I find it’s extremely infrequent to listen to strings playing in such a brilliant, rich and technically perfect way. In addition, the pianist’s original concept of chamber music (never uninspired, always looking for the appropriate timbre for each music page) together with the strings player’s qualities, gives a soul and a new life into each musical phrase and captivate the audience’s attention. Looking into the future, I think that the Josef Suk Piano Quartet will have a great success thanks to both technical preparation and musical creative originality!“

Prof. ssa Fedra Florit - Artistic director of the“Premio Trio di Trieste” competition and member of the 2013 jury
Josef Suk Piano Quartet was named after the violinist Josef Suk (1929-2011), one of the greatest figures of the 20th century violin generation, grandson of composer Josef Suk and great-grandson of Antonin Dvorak. The honour to bear the name of such an important Czech musician was suggested to the ensemble by the most renowned Czech institution in the field of chamber music - Czech Chamber Music Society and with kind consent of Josef Suk's wife, Mrs. Marie Suková.
Josef Suk Piano Quartet continues the rich tradition of Czech chamber ensembles, especially the famous Suk Trio. Members of the Josef Suk Piano Quartet have studied with important Czech musical personalities. Violinist Radim Kresta studied with prof. Bohumil Kotmel, one of the most prominent Czech violin pedagogues, and prof. Vaclav Snítil, a prominent Czech soloists and longtime member of the Vlach Quartet and the Czech Nonet. During his internships abroad attended lessons with prof. Valerie Gradowa in Mannheim and prof. Emi Ohi Resnick in Amsterdam. Violist Eva Krestová (nee Karová), formerly played second violin in Pavel Haas Quartet, is a student of prof. Rudolf Stastny, a longtime primarius of Moravian Quartet and prof. Jindřich Pazdera, primarius of Stamitz Quartet. Cellist Václav Petr has studied with leading Czech cello teachers Martin and Mirko Škampa and concert artists prof. Daniel Veis, a longtime member of Dvorak Piano Trio and currently a member of the Rosamunde Trio, and prof. Michal Kanka, outstanding Czech soloists and a member of the Pražák Quartet. Of foreign personalities Vaclav Petr considers his greatest pedagogical influence to be prof. Wolfgang Boettcher, a longtime solo-cellist of the Berlin Philharmonic. Pianist Václav Mach is a student of prof. Jan Tuma and prof. Ivan Moravec, one of the greatest Czech pianists of the 20th century. The crucial foreign pedagogue for Vaclav Macha was prof. Karl Heinz Kammerling.
The ensemble was founded by violinist Radim Kresta in 2007 originally in form of a piano trio called "Taras Piano Trio". The trio has won a number of awards at international competitions: J. Brahms Wettbewerb 2007 - 1st Prize, Premio Rovere d'Oro 2008 - 1st prize and Val Tidone Music Competitions 2010 - 1st prize. Since the second half of 2012 the ensemble played as a piano quartet under the name "Ensemble Taras". In 2013 the ensemble won two victories in international competitions - in May 2013 Concorso Salieri-Zinetti in Verona - 1st prize, and in September 2013 one of the most prestigious in the field "ACM Premio Trio di Trieste" - 1st prize . With these achievements, the ensemble had the opportunity to tour many of the world's major stages and also make their debut CD and DVD for "Limen music and arts - Milan" with music by G. Fauré (Piano Quartet op.15) and Brahms (Piano Quartet op. 60) and CD for "Azzura Music" with music by Mahler and Brahms (Piano Quartet op. 25).

The ensemble performs under the name "Josef Suk Piano Quartet" since 2014. The repertoire includes major works from Classicism to the present, the focusing on works by Johannes Brahms, Antonin Dvorak, Josef Suk and Bohuslav Martinů, major works of 20th century and contemporary ones. At their concerts the ensemble performs in other formations as well , eg. as a piano trio or string trio (called Suk Trio). As its members say “Piano Quartet is the ideal formations for us. It provides a range of options for lovers of chamber music. It embodies potential for various chamber formations including duo, string or piano trio. Piano quartet can perhaps also replace an entire orchestra and thus some works are actual symphonies .. "

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