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Personal details:

Date of birth: May 30, 1969

Nationality: Spanish

Gender: Female

E-mail: Isabel.alvarez@ccee.ucm.es

Phone: +34-913942480

Home address: Calle Ayala, 55, 5ºD, 28001 Madrid, Spain
Present position:

Associated Professor in the Economics Department (Departamento de Economia Aplicada II), Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Head of the International Business Unit at the Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internationales –Complutense Institute for International Studies (ICEI-UCM).


  • Assistant Professor in the Economics Department, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2004-2010).

  • Part-Time Lecturer in the Economics Department, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1998-2004).

  • Part-Time Coordinator of the STRATA European Network Multinational Enterprises and National Systems of Innovation Assessment, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, (2000-2003).

  • Research Assistant, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, IESA, Madrid (1996-1998).

  • Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Cambridge MA, United States (2005). Research Project on Global Public Goods

  • Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University, Business School, New Jersey, (2009). Research Project on Internationalization of technology, Multinational Enterprises and Development.


  • PhD in Economics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (2003)

  • Master on Science, Society and Technology, EUROPEAN INTERUNIVERSITY NETWORK (ESST), École Politechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (1995).

  • BA in Economics and Business, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (1992).


  • Native Spanish

  • Advanced written and spoken English

  • Advanced written and spoken French


  • International firms, entry modes and innovation”, Coordinator: Isabel Álvarez Competitive Project Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, 2010-2013

  • International Development Aid enhancing innovation in Latin American countries. Optimizing efficacy through prospective”, Coordinator: Isabel Álvarez. Competitive Project Funded by Fundación Carolina, 2012

  • “Inequality: Mechanisms, effects and policies”, Coordinator: Maurizio Franzini (La Sapienza), Funded by VI EU Framework Programme, 2006-2008

  • Public Goods for Economic Development”, Coordinator: Jose Antonio Alonso, Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales. Funded by United Nations for Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), 2004-2006

  • “Changes in Industrial Competitiveness as a Factor of Integration: Identifying Challenges of the Enlarged Single European Market” Coordinator: Prof. Krzystof Szczygielski (Centre for Social and Economic Research, Varsow). Funded by EU R&D Framework Program, 2002-2005

  • “Integration of Macroeconomic and S&T Policies for Growth, Employment and Technology” Coordinator: Nick Von Tunzelman, Sussex University (UK). Funded by EU R&D Framework Program, 2000-2003

  • The Relationships between Technological Strategies of Multinational Companies and the National Systems of Innovation. Consequences for national and European S&T Policies” Coordinator: José Molero Zayas, STRATA Project. Funded by EU R&D Framework Program, 2000-2003


  • Panelist at the AIB 2014 Conference, Academy of International Business 2014 Conference, Panel: Understanding Multinational-New Venture Ecosystems: Insights from Bangalore. Vancouver (Canada), July 2014.

  • Participant in The 35th Druid Conference 2013. Innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship. Competitiveness and dynamics of organizations, technologies, system and geography. Paper presented: Does home national system of innovation affect the choice of FDI for emerging multinationals? (with Celia Torrecillas), Barcelona (Spain 17-19 Junio, 2013). ESADE Business School

  • Participant in the International Business Conference 2013. Paper presented: Foreing expansion mode of Emerging Multinationals and the home national system of innovation (with Celia Torrecillas), Henley Business School (Abril, 2013)University of Reading.

  • Participant in the 38th European International Business Academy (EIBA) Annual Conference, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom, December 7-9th 2012. Papers presented: a) “Qualifying the learning channels of creative subsidiaries” (with John Cantwell) b) Institutional quality and R&D internationalization (with Marin, R & Ballesteros, S)

  • Participant in the COST Conference “The Role of Large Emerging Countries in the World Economy”, Parma University, June. Paper presented: Determinant factors of outward FDI: A capability-accumulation process (2012)

  • Participant in the “9th Conference of The Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems -Globelics”, Buenos Aires. Paper presented: “Institutional stability and R&D internationalization” and Parallel Session Chair (2011)

  • Participant in the “8th Conference of The Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems -Globelics”, Kuala Lumpur. Paper presented: “International Integration and mandates of innovative subsidiaries in Spain” (2010)

  • Participant in the 34th Academy of International Business Conference AIB, Milan. Paper presented: "FDI and world heterogeneities: The role of absorptive capacities” (2008)

  • Participant in the Conference Four Decades of International Business at Reading: Looking to the Future, Reading. Paper presented “National systems of innovation and the attraction of FDI: Does this relation matter?” (2007)

  • Consultant in the External Evaluation of the Iberoamerica Science and Technology for Development Programme, Coordinator: José Antonio Alonso. Funded by the Secretary for Iberoamerican Cooperation (SECIB), 2002

  • Member of the Organizing Committee for STRATA Consolidating Workshop: “Science and Technology Policies in Europe: new challenges, new responses”, Brussels (2002)

  • Participant in the STRATA Consolidating Workshop: “Science and Technology Policies in Europe: new challenges, new responses”, Brussels. Paper presented: “Multinational Enterprises and Systems of Innovation Assessment. Consequences for national and European S&T Policies” (2002)


  • Álvarez, I. Marín, R., Santos, J “Foreign direct investment entry modes, Development and technological spillovers”, The Manchester School Journal (in press) 2014, doi: 10.1111/manc.12074

  • Álvarez, I. y Labra, R. “Technology Gap and Catching up in Economies Based on Natural Resources: The Case of Chile”, Journal of Economics, Business and Management, 3(6), June 2014

  • Álvarez, I. Marin, R. “FDI and Technology as Levering Factors of Competitiveness in Developing Countries”, Journal of International Management, vol. 19, 232-246, (2013)

  • Álvarez, I. Brandao, B., Natera. JM. “Internationalization and technology in MERCOSUR countries”, CEPAL Review vol. 109, 27-39 (2013)

  • Álvarez, I. , Torecillas, C. What does it matter about the home countries of emerging multinationals?. Discussion Paper of the Institute for international Integration Studies. Trinity College Dublin, nº 434 (Sept 2013)

  • Álvarez, I., Cantwell, J. “International Integration and Mandates of Innovative Subsidiaries in Spain”, Institutions and Economies, Vol. 3(3), 415-443 (2011)

  • Álvarez, I., Marin, R. “Entry modes and national systems of innovation”, Journal of International Management, 16 (4), 340-353 (2010)

  • Álvarez, I., Marin, R., Fonfria, A. The role of networking in the competitiveness of firms”, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 76, 410–421 (2009)

  • Marin, R., Alvarez, I. “Technological effects of M&As in Spanish manufacturing”, Industrial and Corporate Change, 18, 761-784 (2009)

  • Álvarez, I., Maldonado, G. “Technology, foreign-owned firms and competitiveness in the middle-income countries”, Scientific Annals of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", vol. LVI, 397-418 (2009)

  • Álvarez, I., Marin, R. “FDI and developing economies: Changing the global scene”, in Aidan O’Connor (Ed.) Managing, Trade, Economies and International Business, Palgrave Macmillan (2009)

  • Álvarez, I. “Environment as a public good for development”, Public Goods for Economic Development, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), contribution to Chapter 5 (2009)

  • Álvarez, I. Magaña, G. “ICT and development: A New Indicator for International Comparisons”, International Journal of Technology and Globalisation, vol.4(2),170-185 (2008)

  • Álvarez, I., Magaña, G. “Technological Development in Middle Income Countries”, in J. A. Alonso (coord.) Cooperation with Middle Income Countries, Ed. Complutense (2007)

  • Castellaci, F. Alvarez, I. “Innovation, Diffusion and Cumulative Causation: Changes in the Spanish Growth Regime, 1960-2001”, International Review of Applied Economics, vol. 20(2), 223-241 (2006)

  • Álvarez, I. Molero, J. “Technology and the Generation of International Knowledge Spillovers: An Application to Spanish Manufacturing Firms”, Research Policy, vol.34, 1440-1452 (2005)

  • Alvarez, I., Molero, J. “The impact of multinational enterprises technological strategies on national systems of innovation: regularities and national differences” in Cantwell, J. and Molero, J. Multinational Enterpises, Innovative Strategies and Systems of Innovation, Edward Elgar (2003)

  • Álvarez, I. Fonfría, A. Díaz, C. “The Role Of Technology And Competitiveness Policies: A Technology Gap Approach”, The Journal Of Interdisciplinary Economics, 13 (1,2,3), 223-242 (2002)


  • Bright Idea Award, New Jersey Business Faculty, 2012

  • Spanish World Economy Association Award, Premio José Luis Sampedro, Asociación de Economía Mundial, 2012

  • Fellowship from José Castillejo Program. Ministry of Science and Innovation. Spain. Support as a Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University, 2009.

  • Fellowship from Consejo Social de la UCM. Support as a Visiting Fellow at Real Colegio Complutense and Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, USA, 2005

  • Fellowship Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, Intercampus Mobility Action, Universidad de Santiago, Cuba, 2005

  • Financial Support European Comission DG XII, Training and Mobility of Researchers (Action 4) for attending the ETIC General Conference (Economics of Technological and Institutional Change), Strasbourg, France, 1998

  • Financial Support European Comission DG XII, Training and Mobility of Researchers (Action 4) for attending Doctoral training Economics of Technological and Institutional Change, Maastrich and Strasbourg, 1997

  • Fellowship Erasmus at École Politechnique Federale de Lausanne, European Science, Society and Technology Programme. Lausanne, 1996



MA and PhD in Innovation Studies. Universidad Complutense. 2008-present

MA in Development and Official Aid. Universidad Complutense. 2004-present

MA in International Relations. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2006-present

MA in Gender and Feminist Studies. Universidad Complutense. 2006-present

Diploma on Innovation Studies. Universidad de Cordoba (Argentina). Sept. 2010

Technology- based firms. Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (México). Sept. 2007

Diploma on Innovation Management. Universidad de Cordoba (Argentina). Feb. 2007

MA in Technology and Innovation. AECI Network. La Habana (Cuba). Feb. 2001


Spanish Economy. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 1998-present.

International Economics for Business. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 1998-present.

Economics of Business Environment. Universidad Complutense. 2006- 2008.

Applied Industrial Economics. Universidad Complutense, 2003-2004

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