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Frequently asked questions

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1. How to arrive in Murcia
1) By train

Visit the RENFE website (http://www.renfe.es) for schedules. You should get off at the “Murcia del Carmen” station.

2) By road

The Murcia region has a good road system connecting it to other Spanish regions. The highways A-92 (to Granada) and E-15 (to Almería) connect Murcia with Andalucía in the South. Albacete and Madrid can be reached following the A3-301 highway. The Mediterranean regions, including Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona, can be accessed following the E-15 highway or the N-332 road; the latter runs along the coast from Cartagena northwards.

3) By plane

You can arrive in Murcia by plane at two airports. The closest one is San Javier-Murcia airport (MJV), located 47 km away from Murcia (a 30 minute highway drive). San Javier offers scheduled and chartered flights to major Spanish cities and several other locations throughout Europe.

You can also arrive at the El Altet airport (ALC) in Alicante, which is 68 km away from Murcia (a 50 minute highway drive).

  • San Javier airport (Murcia):


  • El Altet airport (Alicante):


2. How to get to Murcia from the airport
There are buses, taxis and rental car companies available at the aforementioned airports:
1) Buses from the airport to Murcia
a) From San Javier airport. The company LATBUS offers a service that links the San Javier airport with Murcia central bus station (located at Los Bolos street). The ride takes about 45 minutes. The schedule is the following:
From the airport (leaves at)

Every day




From Murcia central bus station (leaves at)

Monday, Friday, Sunday




Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday



b) From Alicante airport: there is a bus line running between the airport and Murcia city bus station (located at Los Bolos street) almost all day. The ride costs 4,09 Euros (one way) y 7,36 (round-trip ticket). The bus ride takes about an hour:

From the airport (leaves at)

Monday to Friday









Saturday and Sunday









To the airport (leaves at)

Monday to Friday









Saturday and Sunday









2) Rental car

There are several rental-car companies where you can rent a vehicle to drive into the city. The most reasonable ones (quality- and price-wise) seem to be Europcar (+34 968 283 086 or +34 968 335 546) and Solmar.
Europcar: http://www.europcar.es/home.asp

Solmar: http://www.solmar.es/

3) Taxis
Taxis are also available from the airports to the city. The ride from San Javier costs about 42 Euros. From Alicante, it costs from 75 to 85 Euros.

3. How to get around once in Murcia
You can go to any place in Murcia on foot. However, if this is your first time in Murcia and you want to make it to your hotel quickly, you can take a bus or a taxi.
Taxis are the easiest way to reach your destination as you first arrive in Murcia. However, they won’t be the most convenient means of transportation from then on, both because of their high fares and the frequent traffic jams in the downtown area.

  • Radio Taxi Murcia: +34 968 248 800 / +34 968 297 700

The price of the ticket for the buses is about 1 Euro (depending on the route).

  • If you arrive at the bus station, the best way to reach Murcia downtown is to take the bus called Rayo 15. There is a bus stop for this line at “Escultor José Sánchez Lozano” steet, # 7 (very close to the station). You should get off at the stops “Plaza Cetina” or “Arco de San Juan”.

  • If you arrive at the train station, the best way to reach downtown is the Rayo 17 bus. There is a bus stop right outside the train station. Get off at the “Universidad” bus stop.

Both lines will leave you close to the conference hotels.

  • Local buses: http://www.latbus.com/

4. Where is the conference venue? Where will the different events take place?
The conference will take place at the ground floor of the Faculty of Letters building, in the La Merced campus.
For a virtual visit to the campus and the building click on:

For an interactive map of the La Merced campus click on:

The conference talks will take place in three rooms:

  • Hemiciclo

  • Room Jorge Guillén

  • Room Mariano Baquero

Posters will be exhibited in the hall on the second floor of the building (easy access by stairs and elevator).

5. Where is the Merced campus?
The Merced campus is located in Murcia downtown, between the streets Santo Cristo, Doctor Fleming and the Universidad square. It can be easily reached by foot from any location in town.
Murcia street maps:



6. Where can I make photocopies?
There are many copy shops around campus. They open early, but they are closed from around 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm for lunch time (incidentally, this schedule also applies to most stores in Spain). Photocopies are fairly inexpensive, starting at 0,3 cent per copy.

7. Where can I access the Internet?
Delegates will be able to check e-mail and access the web at a computer room located in the Aulario building, in front of the conference venue on campus.

8. Where can I eat?
There are many restaurants, fast food and “tapas” bars in Murcia downtown. Some of the closest to campus are:
Universty area

  • Cafeteria Aulario de la Merced. Aulario building. Menu: 5,50 Euros

  • Ipanema. Restaurante and bar. C/ Puerta Nueva (by the campus). Menú: 9 Euros. Tlf: +34 968 23 70 12

  • El Rincón de los Faroles. Tapas bar. Plaza de la Universidad (by the campus). Tlf: +34 968 90 73 48

  • Resturante-pizzeria San Domenico. Italian cuisine. Plaza Santo Domingo. Tlf: +34 968 21 67 84

  • Restaurante Turquesa. Turkish cuisine. Plaza de Santo Domingo.

  • El Corral de José Luis. Tapas and tyical Murcia cuisine. Plaza de Santo Domingo.

  • Cervecería Los Ventanales. Tapas and typical Murcia cuisine. C/ Alejandro Seiquer (aka C/ de Correos). Tlf: +34 968 21 43 38

  • Pizzería-Quesería El Abanico. Italian cuisine. C/ Saavedra Fajardo.

  • Pizzería La Góndola. Italian cuisine. C/ Saavedra Fajardo, 5.

  • Mesón Restaurante Príncipe de Gales. Typical Murcia cuisine. C/ Saavedra Fajardo, 1.

  • Come Come. Fast food. Plaza de Santo Domingo

Plaza de San Juan (San Juan square – behind Arco de San Juan hotel)

  • Restaurante La Parranda. Typical Murcia cuisine. Plaza de San Juan.

  • Mesón Pepe el Torrao. Typical Murcia cuisine. Plaza de San Juan.

  • Pizzería Mamma Mia. Italian cuisine. Plaza de San Juan.

  • Pizzería-Trattoria La Tarantella. Italian cuisine. Plaza de San Juan.

  • Restaurante Fujiyama. Japanese cuisine. Plaza de San Juan


  • Hispano Restaurante. Typical Murcia cuisine. C/ Radio Murcia, 3.

  • Pizzería William. Sandwiches and pizzas. C/ Trapería.

  • La Távola. Italian cuisine. C/ Fuensanta, 5.

  • Restaurante Señorío de Jomelsu. Typical Murcia cuisine. C/ Isidoro de la Cierva, 3.

  • Restaurante Rincón de Pepe. Typical Murcia cuisine. C/ Apóstoles, 34.

  • Mesón Aires de Murcia. Typical Murcia cuisine. C/ Simón García 25.

  • Bodegón Los Toneles. Tapas and typical Murcia cuisine. C/ Cánovas del Castillo, 7.

9. Conference dinner: where? when? how much? when do I sign up?
The conference dinner will take place at the hotel NH Amistad on Saturday 21st at 21:30. The hotel is located in C/ Condestable, next to the shopping center El Corte Inglés. The price is 47 euros. Delegates wishing to attend should sign up before Friday 20th in the morning at the registration desk.

10. What other activities are scheduled for the social program?
There will be a visit to the neighbor city of Cartagena on Sunday 22nd October. More information on prices and registration will be available at the conference.

11. How can I become a member of AELCO?
It is as easy as filling in the registration form available on the web page
http://www.um.es/lincoing/aelco/aelco.htm and sending it to the secretary of the association:
Profra. Dra. Dª Iraide Ibarretxe Antuñano

Departamento de Linguistica General e Hispánica

San Juan Bosco, 7

Universidad de Zaragoza. 

Tel. 976 761000 (Ext. 3404) - FAX.: 976 762071

e-mail: iraide@unizar.es
You are requested to pay a membership fee of 70€ valid for 2 years. The preferred
payment method is a standing order from your bank (you can fill
up your bank details in the registration form). Alternatively, you can transfer from your bank to the Association bank account:

Bank: La Caixa

Beneficiary: AELCO (Asociación Española de Lingüística Cognitiva)

Account number: c/c: 2100-5816-96-0200006515

Postal address: La Caixa , Avda. Duques de Lugo, 30009 Murcia (Spain)

More information on the webpage: http://www.um.es/lincoing/aelco/aelco.htm

12. What to do in case of emergency
The emergency phone number is 112 (from this phone number you will be directed to the police, firemen and ambulance services). The nearest hospital is the Hospital General Universitario Reina Sofía (Address: Avda. Intendente Jorge Palacios, 1, 30003 Murcia. Phone number: +34 968 35 90 00).

13. Where can I find more information about Murcia?
The City Hall has a web page where you can find any type of information about the city of Murcia (also available in English): http://www.murciaciudad.com/

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