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E.D. Thomas Post Doctoral Fellowship 2013 - FIJC-2013/EDTHOMAS

The José Carreras International Leukemia Foundation was founded in 1988 by the internationally known tenor Jose Carreras. One of the main goals of the Foundation is to support research into the diagnosis, prevention and cure of leukemia and related hematological malignancies.
Initially, applications will be accepted for one post doctoral fellowship to provide funding of 50,000 € for one year, renewable yearly for two additional years upon satisfactory performance. Indirect costs are not to exceed 8% and salary is not to exceed 35,000 € including fringe benefits, with the remainder for supplies and/or equipment.
Candidates must hold an M.D. or Ph.D. degree and have completed at least three years postdoctoral training but must be less than ten years post their first doctoral degree* when the award begins. There are no restrictions based on nationality, but only one application will be considered from each sponsoring institution. Candidates must be committed to the research goals of the Foundation, must be able to devote at least 60% of their time to the project and must have a sponsoring institution with the academic environment to provide adequate support for the proposed project.
* First doctoral degree:

  • U.S. university degrees: M.D., Ph.D. or Sc.D.

  • University degrees from Europe and other countries: Doctorate degree (Doctor, Docteur, Ph.D., or analogous)

Application will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Foundation. This Committee consists of internationally recognized leaders in the field of leukemic research. The decisions of the Committee are final and not subject to appeal.
All applications must be typed, single spaced, in English and must follow the format specified in the attached application packet. All forms must be completed and space restrictions adhered to. Deadline for application receipt is November 4th 2013. Late applications will not be considered. Award announcements will be made by letter early in January. Do not contact the Foundation for results. Reapplication by unsuccessful candidates will be necessary for the following year.
INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. 1 original and 1 CD in 1 PDF file (complete application-including all tables, illustrations and supporting materials) should be sent to:

Fundació Internacional Josep Carreras

Attn. Anna Boix

Muntaner, 383

08021 Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 414 5566 Fax: +34 93 201 0588

e-mail: fundacio@fcarreras.es


The following materials must be submitted:

1. Complete and signed application forms 1 through 8.
2. Current Curriculum Vitae and bibliography of applicant. C.V. must include name, birth date, social security number or other identifying number as applicable, citizenship, education, postdoctoral training and professional appointments, listed chronologically. (Date of birth is expressly required)
3. Current Curriculum Vitae and selected bibliography of sponsor. (Limit to two pages).
4. Relevant reprints of applicant (limit of 4-5 )
5. Letters of support from:
a) Sponsor
b) Two additional persons familiar with applicant's qualifications.

(These letters can be added to the whole set if the sender agrees to it or can be sent separately)
6. Institutional Agreement duly stamped and signed
7. E-mail address or fax cover if you wish confirmation of receipt of application. Do not call the Foundation for confirmation.

8. Refer to the checklist (Form 9). Be sure that all forms are complete, including required signatures. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

1. The awardee must notify the Foundation of any patent applications and the results of such application. Royalty Sharing will be determined by the Foundation, the awardee and the awardee's institution.
2. The award is to be used solely for research as described in the proposal. Significant deviations resulting from research findings must be approved by the Scientific Advisory Committee.
3. If an awardee transfers to another institution prior written approval must be obtained to continue funding. Letters from the sponsor and three other persons with adequate knowledge of the project must be submitted at least 60 days prior to relocation. In addition two letters from the new institution must be submitted. These letters must describe the advantages and disadvantages for such relocation. The transfer request is subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee. Approval of the sponsoring institution must also be obtained to transfer any equipment purchased with funds from the Foundation.
4. The award may not be transferred to another individual.
5. All publications resulting from the research work must include a statement such as the following: "This research was funded (in part) by a grant (code nr. FIJC-13/EDTHOMAS) from the Jose Carreras International Leukemia Foundation." Similar acknowledgement should be made for oral presentations and in press releases.
6. Payments will be made to the responsible financial officer of the awardee's institution.
7. The awardee will submit an annual progress report one month before the end of each year of the award. This report should describe specific goals achieved and outline future plans. An evaluation of the awardee's progress is also required from the awardee's sponsor. Copies of publications which have resulted from the work should also be provided. Failure to provide adequate reports will result in cancellation of the award.
8. The Foundation does not assume any legal or moral responsibility or obligation for the research or for the conduct of the recipient. All such responsibility remains with the awardee's sponsoring institution.



Project Title

Applicant Name


e-mail Telephone Fax

Sponsor Name


e-mail Telephone Fax

Institutional Financial Officer Name


e-mail Telephone Fax

Project will involve:
[_] Biohazards
[_] Human Subjects [_] Adults [_] Children [_] Fetal Material
[_] Laboratory Animals
Form 2 Applicant

Abstract (limit 300 words)

Form 3 Applicant

Provide a detailed description of the proposed project. Material should include, but is not limited to: (Maximum 4 pages)
Specific aims

Materials and methods


Institutional environment and support

Form 4 Applicant


Form 5 Applicant

Brief list of equipment and space available for the project. Limit 1 page.

Form 6 Applicant

List the name, address phone number and Fax number, if available for the two persons you have requested to supply letters of recommendation in addition to your sponsor.



e-mail Telephone Fax


e-mail Telephone Fax

Form 7 Applicant

List all current and pending support for the applicant.

Form 8 Applicant

If applicant
is awarded a fellowship from the Jose Carreras International Leukemia Foundation, the

Institution will provide space, equipment and support facilities as described in the proposal. The institution also assures compliance with regulations of animal welfare, use of human subjects and biohazards safety where applicable.

The institution agrees to accept the overhead allocation of 8%.
The institution agrees to royalty sharing if any patents result from research based on the applicant's project.


Name of director or designated official

Signature & stamp

Applicant's name

Applicant's signature

Sponsor's name

Sponsor's signature


Form 9


  1. Completed application forms 1 through 8.

  1. Current curriculum vitae and bibliography of applicant.

  1. Current curriculum vitae and short bibliography of sponsor.

  1. Copies of applicant's relevant reprints.

  1. Letters of recommendation to be added to the application set.

Please make certain that pages are numbered, your name is on each page, and that all required signatures are completed. Send the original and the requested PDF(*) CD to:
Attn. Anna Boix

Fundación Internacional José Carreras

Muntaner 383

08021 Barcelona (SPAIN)


(*) please note that all the requested documentation should be sent in only 1 PDF file.

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