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European industrial management

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Credits: 30 ECTS Calendar: Feb/13th – June/13th Total number of hours: 490

Coordinator: Pedro Fuentes Durá Language of the course: English
Accomodation: http://personales.upv.es/pfuentes/Accommodation.doc
Course Description:

Course work

100 h.

Self study and Project work:

320 h


45 h

Cultural and Technical visits:

25 h


EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT is an innovative training programme that addresses the new demands of the labour market. There are two complementary parts: A supervised multidisciplinary project (carried out in international teams whose members are drawn from different academic backgrounds), and Intensive seminars aimed at developing the so-called soft skills.

Who is it for?

Design, Engineering and Business students. Undergraduates and post-graduates are welcome. Students from other fields should send their CV accompanied by a letter outlining why they wish to join the course.

Entry requirements

A good command of English (C1 on the CEF scale or 550 TOEFL, 6.5 IELTS, CAE).

Candidates must have completed a minimum of two years Higher Education.

The course work uses a dynamic, interactive approach including case studies, class discussions and worked examples.


Communication skills and Team building. 34 hours

Product design and innovation. 8 hours

Project Management and Planning. 18 hours

Environmental aspects and Optimization. 15 hours

Spanish and Spanish culture. Technical Spanish. 35 hours.

Cultural and Technical visits. 25 hours.

Project. 355

Where and When

Where: Valencia (Spain)

Place: E.T.S. Ingeniería del Diseño, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Campus de Vera)

Project development calendar 2008: Feb/13 – June/13

Seminars: The seminar schedule is 16:15-20:15 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). From Feb/13 till March/13

Spanish: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-14:30. From Feb/15 till May/9

Evaluation (March/13; April/24; June/13)


Starting date: 10/11/2007 Closing date: 30/12/2007

Place: Centro de Formación Permanente, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Maximum number of students: 35 Fee: 960 euros


Miguel Alcañiz Fillol

Joaquin González García

María Virginia González García

Marina Puyuelo Cazorla

Ramón Blasco Giménez

Pedro Fuentes Durá

David Perry

Leopoldo Armesto Angel

Gabriel Songel González

José Luis Gómez Ribelles

Camino de Vera 14, 46022 – Valencia, Tel. 96 387 9181, Fax 96 387 71 89. pfuentes@iqn.upv.es

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