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(a) Scholarly Books and Monographs

1991 'My Dad's Hindu, My Mum's Side are Sikhs': Issues in Religious Identity, Arts, Culture, Education, Research and Curriculum Paper, Charlbury, National Foundation for Arts Education. Online at

1993 (with Robert Jackson) Hindu Children in Britain, Stoke on Trent, Trentham.
2000 The Religious Lives of Sikh Children: A Coventry Based Study, Monograph Series, Leeds, Community Religions Project, University of Leeds.
2003 Interfaith Pilgrims: Living Truths and Truthful Living, London,

Quaker Books.

2004 Intercultural Education: Ethnographic and Religious Approaches, Brighton,

Sussex Academic Press.

2005 Sikhism: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

2007 India edition published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi.

2008 18-page booklet excerpted from this was published by The Independent

(21 June)

2013 with Kailash Puri, Pool of Life: The Autobiography of a Punjabi Agony Aunt,

Brighton: Sussex Academic Press.

2014 with Gavin D’Costa, Mark Pryce, Ruth Shelton and Nicola Slee,

Making Nothing Happen: Five Poets Explore Faith and Spirituality, Farnham:


(b) Curriculum Books

1990 (with Robert Jackson) Listening to Hindus, London, Unwin Hyman, (a book

for 11-14 year olds).
1996 (with Elizabeth Wayne, Judith Everington and Dilip Kadodwala) Hindus (Interpreting Religions Key Stage 3) Oxford, Heinemann.
1999 (with Gopinder Kaur) Guru Nanak, Indic Values series, Norwich, Religious and Moral Education Press. [Winner of Shap Award 2000 ‘for making an

outstanding contribution to the teaching of world religions’]

(c) Bibliographies and Occasional Papers

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2005 Faith Guides for Higher Education: A Guide to Sikhism, Leeds, The Subject

Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies Higher Education Academy,

School of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Leeds.

Available at http://www.prs.heacademy.ac.uk/publications/sikhism_content.pdf

2007 The Great Religions 6. Sikhism,The Independent in association with Oxford

University Press.

2015 Oral History and the Study of Religions: Reflections on Kiyotako Sato’s

Memory and Narrative Series, Discussion Paper no. 6, Yokyo: Research Centre

for the History of Religious and Cultural Diversity, Meiji University,

(d) Articles in Refereed Journals

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[substantial extracts appearing in Central Council for Education and Training

in Social Work training pack on the religious and spiritual needs of children,

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Work training pack, 1996].

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Faith” Youth in Britain: Contexts and Issues’, Journal of Religion in Europe,

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(e) Chapters in Scholarly Books/Symposia

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(f) Chapters in Professional Handbooks

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