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Descripciones: tarea final Realice Las tres descripciones deben ser ficticias y cada una ha de tener aproximadamente 100 palabras

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Descripciones: tarea final

Realice Las tres descripciones deben ser ficticias y cada una ha de tener aproximadamente 100 palabras.
TAREA 1: Imagine que acaba de llegar a Arhel (una ciudad en Afganistán) para una comisión de 4 meses. Escriba un e-mail a un amigo suyo británico que conoció en un curso y descríbale la base “Teide” y el edificio donde Ud. trabaja.

Dear Michael,

It hasn’t passed a long time since we saw each other during the Mechanics course but I want to write you down this e-mail in order to update you my current situation.

I arrived to Afghanistan one month ago and my commission will last 3 more months. The base where I live, is located in Arhel, a small town in the northern part of the country. It is not a big base, but as it is close to the airport, there are always a lot of people going back and forth. My work is very simple here and I carry it out in a small office that I share with another captain. Well, I would tell you a lot of things but I don’t have much time so I prefer to comment them in another e-mail.

Best regards

TAREA 2: Escriba una carta a un antiguo jefe suyo cuando estuvo trabajando en Estrasburgo. En la carta, descríbale a su nuevo jefe en Ahrel. El nombre de su antiguo jefe en Estrasburgo es Col. Johnson.

Dear Col. Johnson,
I am writting you regarding my new assignment in Afghanistan. As I told you in the last letter, I have always dreamed of being assigned to Afghanistan. One month ago, my Batallion Commander offered me the posibility of going with him and I didn’t miss that chance.
My new Commander’s name is John Gates. He is 45 years old and although I don’t know him very much I think that he is both a very experienced and disciplined soldier. He is very tall and has brown hair and due to his childish face, he looks younger than me, even though I am 36 years old.
I hope to see you again when I come back home.
Yours faithfully

TAREA 3: El Jefe de Estado Mayor (Mr. José Martinez) ha ido a Arhel a visitar al personal allí comisionado. Escriba una carta a un compañero en su destino con el que siempre intenta hablar inglés. En la carta y en relación a la visita, cuéntele como fue el acto, el desfile y la celebración posterior.

Dear Luis,
I expect not to surprise you because of the language I am using to write you this letter, but we need to practise english and this is the best method I know to do it.
Yesterday, Chief of Staff visited us and for that reason it was carried out a parade by all the units inside the base. During the parade, the troops honored those who died in combat. After that, the companies that took part in the parade, marched in front of the General. Later, all the Officers and Non-commissioned-officers were invited to attend to a meeting with the General.
I am looking forward of hearing from you.
Best regards.

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