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Call for participation the Academic Committee of the

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The Academic Committee of the Fourth SHARE Convention wishes to invite teacher trainers, teachers, researchers, material writers, and other professionals in fields connected to ELT, translation and interpreting, the teaching of Spanish to foreigners, education and the Humanities in general to share their practical ideas for the classroom, views, ideas, projects and experiences with colleagues from all over the country during the Convention.

The theme chosen for this year´s Convention: "ELT CHALLENGES” has been thought of as including direct demonstrations of strategies, techniques, examples, activities, procedures and methods for concrete classroom use as well as the sharing of successful experiences in EFL and ESL.

Therefore, we expect presenters to deal with concrete classroom applications as well as reports of or proposals for innovative classroom practice or new theories, methodologies or ways of looking at language and language learning and teaching in the real EFL /ESL classroom.

All Presentations will be 60 minutes long. All presentations will be of the “Workshop” type.
Presentations (Workshop-type)

Rather than describing or discussing, a workshop shows a technique for teaching or testing. The presenter's statement of the theory underlying the technique should take not more than ten minutes. The rest of the time is used for showing, rather than telling.

The abstract should include a brief statement of the presenter's central purpose and a description of what will be demonstrated (e.g. role playing) and how it will be done (e.g. some of the audience participating as students or an unrehearsed lesson with actual students).

Presenters should bear in mind that these presentations may be attended by a maximum of 150 participants.

The Committee will allocate the presentations in such a way as to offer the Convention participants as much variety as possible at any given slot and therefore expects presenters to be prepared to make themselves available at any of the times scheduled for presentations.

The Committee will notify all applicants of their decision to accept or reject the proposals via electronic mail not later than 15th May 2009. All decisions by the Academic Committee are final.

Presentation of the Proposals
All proposals must contain the following sections:

1.- Presenter´s Proposal Form. In the case of presentations conducted by more than one presenter, the presenter´s proposal form should be adapted in such a way that it contains all the relevant information about the people who will conduct the presentation.

2.- An abstract of their presentation as the presenter wishes it to appear in the Convention book. This abstract should be not be longer than 100 words and should give the Convention participants a clear idea of the content of the presentation so as to help them to choose which presentation to attend.

The applicant should refer to himself /herself using the third person of the singular.

Successful candidates might eventually be asked to re-write parts or all of the abstract, in which case one of the members of the Committee will be appointed to guide the presenter.
3. A summary of the content and dynamics of the presentation which must be of a minimum length of two A4 pages and must not exceed four A4 pages.

The summary should include a statement of the presenter´s goals, a summary of the theoretical framework, and a precise description of the tasks to be performed during the presentation.

The Academic Committee will base their acceptance or refusal of the proposal on this summary exclusively.
The summary must contain a list of the general and specific bibliography used by the applicant in the preparation of the presentation. The bibliography is not to be counted in the number of pages. The bibliographical references should be made in the APA format or any other standard literary or scientific format.
4.- A biographical statement which should not be longer than 100 words (in the case of presentations run by more than one leader, a maximum of 100 words per presenter).

Degrees will be quoted in the language in which the certificates or diplomas were originally issued (e.g. Profesor en Inglés or Especialista en Informática Educativa or Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics) together with the complete name of the institution which granted the degree. No vague descriptions of academic degrees will be accepted (e.g. "has been a teacher of English for ten years or "holds a degree in Education"). All details which are not academically relevant should be avoided.

All presenters should be holders of legally valid degrees from our own country or abroad.

Proposals should be written in the language in which the presentation is to be made. The official languages of this Convention are: English and Spanish.

All proposals should be e-mailed to the President of the Academic Committee:
omarvillarreal@speedy.com.ar (NB: VillaRReal)
The Deadline for the presentation of proposals is 15th April 2009

All applications for presentations that promote commercial interests will be directly disqualified.

Applications by presenters which offer commercial presentations for the sponsors of the Convention will not be accepted.

No professional fees will be paid to presenters selected in the Call for Participation, but all presenters are exempted from paying the Convention fee and are entitled to

1.- Use of the Hospitality Room at all times during the Convention.
2.- A courtesy ticket for one assistant.
3.- A Diploma which clearly states his or her participation in the Convention as a Presenter
(Diploma de Disertante).

Title of Workshop:
E-mail address:
Alternative E-mail address:
Home address: street and number
City and Province
Telephone number:
Affiliation (Name(s) of the Institution(s) where you work- state also city and province of each Institution)
This presentation is aimed at (check a maximum of three):
English Teachers in general

Specialists in the field of the Presentation

Preschool teachers

Primary School teachers

Secondary School teachers

University lecturers

Translators and Interpreters


Novice Teachers

Other (please specify):

Audiovisual equipment requested (state YES or NO as applicable)
CD player

VHS player

DVD player

Overhead projector and blank transparencies

(to be used instead of blackboard/whiteboard)

Laptop and projector “cañón”

N.B. The Executive Committee will NOT provide cassette players or print handouts.

Academic Committee
Doctor Omar Villarreal
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Universidad Católica de La Plata
Magíster Juan Ferretti
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Instituto Superior del Profesorado “Joaquín V. González”
Instituto Superior del Profesorado del Consejo Superior de Educación Católica.
Magíster Ana María Rozzi de Bergel
Universidad CAECE

Magíster Marina Kirac
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Universidad Nacional de Lanús
Institutos Superiores de Formación Docente Nros 18, 35 y 41.

Magister Estela López Loica
Universidad del Museo Social Argentino
Universidad Argentina de la Empresa
Magíster Douglas Town
Universidad de Belgrano
Licenciado y Traductor Público Gustavo Paz
Instituto Superior del Profesorado “Joaquín V. González”
Instituto Superior del Profesorado “CIBADIST”

International Referees:
Doctor Omar Villarreal

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Universidad Católica de la Plata
Doctor Vera Lucia Menezes de Oliveira e Paiva

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil

Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimiento Cientifico e Tecnológico, Brasil
Costas Gabrielatos Mphil

Lancaster University U.K.

Doctor Viviana Cortés Ph.D.

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA

Magister Gladys Aguilera Muga

Universidad de Tarapacá, Arica, Chile

Licenciada Joice de Brito e Cunha

Instituto Cultural Brasileiro Norte-Americano, Porto Alegre, Brasil

Contact: Dr. Omar Villarreal, Mgter.Marina Kirac or Prof. Martín Villarreal
Contact details:

Telephone Numbers: (011) 4282-6996 / (011) 4282-6230 / (011) 4282-2899

Website: www.ShareEducation.com.ar


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