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Antonio Jabalera (alias Antonio Rojas). Fd4: 97 in 1780 md Paula de la Cruz. Juan Jacinto of Santiago. Fd4: 98, he and wife María Merced de Rueda of Santo Domingo had ch during war years. Juan Jaen. A2: VII: 45, soldier, c 1777

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Antonio Jabalera (alias Antonio Rojas). FD4:97 in 1780 md Paula de la Cruz.

Juan Jacinto of Santiago. FD4:98, he and wife María Merced de Rueda of Santo Domingo had ch during war years.

Juan Jaen. A2:VII:45, soldier, c 1777.

*José Jaime. Beerman:205, Adjutant, 1782.

*N. Jaramillo. Mir:187, Lt, wounded and taken prisoner at Pensacola, 1781.

Salvadór Jarana. A2:VII:29, soldier, c 1777.

*Ambrosio de Jardines. Cummins:176, Captain who sent 1780 letter to Rendon regarding conditions in New York.

*José de Jaudenes. Thomson:113, Spanish Undersecretary in 1784. CubaP:1186, and several others.

*Vicente Jaure. Soldier and Cpl, 1776-1793, Aragon and other Regts, in Pensacola Campaign, 1st Sgt, Inf of New Spain, 1800, Veracruz, single, Legajo 7277:V:70.

*Salvador Javalous (1754 Lorca - ), entered service 1770, 2d Sgt, 1778-84. Lt, 1789, Inf Garrison of Guatemala, married, Legajo 7269:II:145.

Francisco Javier. FD4:103, he and wife Josefa Soriano, freed slaves, had ch during war years.

*Bernardo Jeas. M:350, Capt of schooner galley Jesus Maria in May 1782 invasion of Nassau.

Francisco de Jesús. FD4:106, he and wife Francisca Suazo, freed slaves, had ch during war years.

Lázaro de Jesús. FD4:106, he and wife María Nolasco, free blacks, had ch during war years.

Manuel Cosmé de Jesús, natural of La Vega. FD4:106, he and Merced Sinoba had ch during war years.

Mateo (o Matías) de Jesús. FD4:106, and wife María Simona had ch during war years.

Sebastián de Jesús. FD4:106, he and wife Teresa del Castillo began their family in 1784.

*Andrés Jiménez (1738 Andalucia - ), married by 1787. Garzón, 1771-1786, Sgt, 1787, Inf Mil Discip Vol Blancos, Valles de Aragua. Legajo 7293:I:34.

*Andrés Jiménez (1758 PR - ). Sub-Lt, 1776, in Real Armada Combat, 20 Oct 1782, Lt, Graduate, Toledo Regt, 1783, Capt, 1799, Inf Garrison, Puerto Rico, married, Legajo 7289:II:9.

*Antonio Jiménez. Capt, 1800, Vol Inf Prov of Panama and part of Nata, Legajo 7282:IX:14, 55.

Bartolomé Jiménez ( - 1798). FD112-113, he and wife Dominga Jabalera (died 1793), had adult ch in Santo Domingo during war years.

Diego Jiménez of Jerez, Spain. FD4:116, as a scribe, he and wife Josefa Tirada (died 1783), had ch during war years.

Esteban Jiménez. Lt, 1800, Vol Inf of Cartagena, Legajo 7282:II:32bis.

Eusebio Jiménez. Garzón, 1800, Bn Inf of Pardos Libres of Panama Province, Legajo 7282:X:3.

*Francisco Jiménez (1752 Argot - ). Sub-Lt, 1782, Lt, 1795, Mil Discip Inf of Puerto Rico, married, Legajo 7289:VII:36.

Francisco Jiménez. FD4:117, he and wife Josefa Peguero (died 1794 Santo Domingo) had ch during war years.

Ignacio Jiménez. Alf, Dragones de Pazquaro de Michoacán, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7276:XIX:42.

José Jiménez. Cadet, 1787, Corps of Inf Vet of Maracaibo, Legajo 7293:V:21.

*Jose Jiménez. Lt, grad Capt, 1799, Mil Inf of Havana, Legajo 7264:XIII:71.

*Jose Ignacio Jiménez ( - bur 11 Aug 1800). FD4:114, priest during war years.

José María Jimenez. Oficial 2d de la Secretaria del Virreinato de Nueva España, Mexico, 1792. Leg 7271:XII:3.

José Ramón Jiménez. FD4:116, he and wife María de la Trinidad de la Cruz, free, had ch during war years.

*Juan Jiménez. FD4:116, as soldier, he and wife Lorenza Aciniega had ch just before war years.

*Juan Jiménez (1753 Sadava, Aragon - ), in Expedition to Providence in 1782, 1st Sgt, Havana Regt, 1786.

Juan Jiménez. Sgt, 1789, Inf Aux, New Granada, Legajo 7280:XIV:110.

Juan Jiménez. Lt, 1799, Plana Mayor Bn Pardos Mil of Cuba & Bayamo, Legajo 7264:IX:3.

*Juan de Dios Jiménez. Capt, 1799, Mil Dragones of Matanzas, Legajo 7264:VII:24.

Manuel Jiménez. A2:VII:68, Capt, c 1777.

Manuel Jiménez ( - 1798). FD4:116, he and wife Josefa Lizardo had a family in Santo Domingo during war years

Pedro Jiménez. A3:XI:40, c 1781.

*Pedro Jimémez ( - 1790). FD4:114, he as a soldier and wife María de la Cruz probably had adult ch in Santo Domingo during war years.

Pedro Jiménez of Ronda Andalucia, Spain. FD4:116, he and wife Francisca de Rosas (died 1789) of Santo Domingo had ch during war year.

Ramón Jiménez. Cadet, 1787, Inf Vet of maracaibo, Legajo 7293:V:22.

*Tomás Jiménez. Soldier and Cpl in 1773, Legajo 7280, Lt, 1797, Inf Garrison, Cartagena, Legajo 7281:IV:31.

JoséJoaquin. FD4:125, he and wife María Casilda Correa had ch during war years.

*Manuel Joaquire. Jersey:469.

??? Jordan. Zapatero:149, engineer working with Gayangos on the defenses of Puerto Cabello, wartime service not known.

Felipe Jorge. CubaP:1273,

Lucas José. CubaP:1901,

Pedro José. FD4:129, he as free black, and Mauricia del Rosario had ch during war years.

*??? Josef. R80I:346, in 1780 Capt of the San Justo, a Spanish naval vessel with 600 men.

Alberto Joseph. A2:VI:88, soldier, c 1776.

*Antonio Joseph. Jersey:469.

*Emanuel Joseph. Jersey:469.

*Antonio Jouest. Jersey:470.

*Gaspár Melchor de Jovellanos. Mob:xxix, Spanish official involved with American wartime activities.

Ramón Jover Ferrandis. FD4:131, judge and wife Joaquina Aznar (died 1795, widow), had adult ch in Santo Domingo during war years.

*John Joyner. Lewis:33-34, officer of the South Carolina, second to Alexander Gillon. He took over command and was forced to surrender to the British Nov 1782 off New York.

*Juan María. Mob:225, owner, balandra, Nuestra Señora del Rosario in resupplying soldiers in Mobile.

*Juan Juanico. McGuffie:133, Spanish mariner spy who got to Gibraltar to gather information for the Spanish Commander-in-Chief at San Roque. He was tried and sentenced to hang, but was finally put on board a ship to serve for the duration of the war.

*Tomás Juara (1749 - ). Entered service in 1781, Surgeon, Morenos, 1787.

*Randon Jucba. Jersey:470.

*Manuel Joseph Jucerria. Jersey:470.

Pedro Jugean. CubaP:531,

*Tomás de Juliá. Beerman:243, 245, 246, Capt, Fort San Carlos, San Juan de Nicaragua, 1780. Floyd:151-152, 156, 159, 161, Capt who led the force which captured Fort Inmaculada in Nicaragua from the English in 3 Jan 1781, but had to surrender it on 31 Aug 1782 after Les Saintes. ZPR:214, 218, Governor and Lt Col in 1782.

*Bernardo de Junco. Capt, 1799, Mil de Dragones de Matanzas, Legajo 7264:VII:25.

Juan María del Junco. SubLt, Inf de Mexico, 1795. Leg 7272:I:48.

Pedro del Junco. Cadet, Inf, Fijo de Veracruz, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7277:VII:27.

Pedro José María del Junco. Cadet, Inf Nueva España, 1798. Leg 7275:V:73.

*Antonio Jung. Appeals Case 95, steward in Nov 1782 on Spanish San Antonio.

José Junqueras Y Comas of villa de Linas, Cataluña, Spain, ( - 1785). FD4:136, he and wife Juana Ana Marco of Palma de Mallorca, Baleares were likely in Santo Domingo during war years.

*Antonio Jurado. A3:XII:20, soldier, c 1782.

*Ambrosio de Jústiz. K:119, Capt, cav, Havana, 1779.

*José Santiago de Jústis/Jústiz (1754 Havana - ), entered service 1771, SubLt in 1781 and 1786 in Havana Regt, single, SubLt of Grenadiers in 1788. Legajo 7264:XVI:22, Lt, grad Capt, Havana Inf, 1799.

Juan Justiz. Cadet, Inf de Puebla, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7277:VI:81.

*Manuel del Jústis. Legajo 7260:VIII:31, Lt Cuban Inf Regt, 1789.

*Vicente Jústiz (1733 Havana - ), Lt Col of Grenadiers in 1776, married. Legajo 7259:XII:6, Capt of Grenadiers, grad Lt Col, Havana Inf, 1786.

Juan Justo of Castañeda, Santander, Spain. FD4:135, he and wife Catalina Pérez from the Canary Islands, widow of Manuel Torrecillas, and they had ch during war years.

*Pierre Juzan. HamV:323, Mobile land grant, 1781, Spanish Indian Commissioner. Andrews:6, grant of the land which had formerly belonged to Henry Lizard and Thomas McGillavary to Peter Jusan, His Majesty’s Commissary for the Indians, 30 Jul 1781.
*Francisco Kerp (1753 Germany - ). Cpl, 1771, 2d Sgt, 1784, Napoles Regt, at Gibraltar, Sgt, 1793, Inf Fijo, PR, single, Legajo 7289:VI:55.

*Edward/Eduardo Kelly. Klotz:115, involved in 1778 in the case of Nuestra del Carmen.

*Baron de Kessel. Ch1:Attachment, Col, Flanders Regt, Pensacola Staff, 1781.

*Jean Kiblano. Jersey:470.

*Manuel Kidtona. Jersey:470.

*Sebastián Kindelán. Beerman:273, Lt, Regt Irlanda, Gibraltar operation, 1782, later Governor of East Florida.

*Andrés Kiss (Cataluna - ). Soldier and Distinguished Cpl, 1771-1783, served at Gibraltar, Pensacola, and Cadiz, Lt, San Carlos de Perote, Regt Corona of New Spain, 1800, single, Legajo 7277:III:37.

Francis Krebs. Andrews:7, grant of Round Island, about thirty leagues from the City of New Orleans and about seventeen leagues from Mobile and one league and a half to south of the mainland and two leagues to the southeast of Horn Island to Francis Krebs, husband of the widow, Mrs. Lanne, daughter of Mr. Maurau.
Silvestre Labadie. CubaP875, 862,

*Thomas Labaia. M:349, Capt, ship La Union in May 1782 invasion of Nassau.

Santiago Labarosse ( - bur 20 May 1782). FD4:139, he and wife María Jiménez Brito probably had adult ch in Santo Domingo during war years.

Marcos Laborda. SubLt, Inf, Nueva España, 1800. Leg 7277:V:50.

*Deman Labordas. Jersey:470.

*Luís Labussiere (1729 Potou - ). Lt Col 1781, Comandante, Militia, San Juan, PR, Col, 1795, Mil Discip Inf, Puerto Rico, single, Legajo 7289:VII:2.

*Anton Laca. Jersey:470.

*Michael La Casawyne. Jersey:471.

*Miguel Lacayo (1753 Granada, Nicaragua - ), entered service in 1779 as Lt. Capt, 1793, Mil Arregladas de Inf de Granada de Nicaragua, single Legajo 7267:V:1.

José Lacerda. Ch1:18, soldier Veracruz to LA, deserted in Havana, Jul 1780.

Lacoste, Cassenave & Cie. ND10:939-40, French merchants at Cadiz, Spain, 1777.

Augusto La Chaise. CubaP:1509 and others.

Gerónimo La Chapela. CubaP:1640,

Pedro Lachi. Sgt, 1791, Inf of Cuba, Legajo 7261:XXVI:57.

*John Joseph Lacoizqueta. FordXXI:1170, part-owner of 22 barrels of cochineal which had been captured by a United States vessel, condemned in MA court and by the Court of Appeals, appealing in Dec 1781 to the Cont. Congress.

*José Lacomba (1760 Reus, Cataluña - ). 2d Sgt, 1783, Napoles Regt, at Gibraltar, 1782, married, Legajo 7289, in PR in 1793.

Joseph LaCoste. LCAR:268, 494, mentioned in wartime merchant correspondence, probably involved in West Indies trade.

Pierre Lacoste. Woods:259, ship captain, sponsored bap in 1774 in New Orleans.

*Lacoute & Company. Neeser:6, 132, Conyngham:483, merchants at Cadiz, Spain, who traded with Americans.

Condé de Lacy. Cummins:55, Spain's ambassador to Russia in 1775, 1777, wartime service not identified.

Antonio Ladrón. FD4:268, engineer of Plaza of Santo Domingo about 1779.

Antonio Ladron de Guevara. Cadet, Inf de Guadalajara, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7276:II:15.

*Juan Ladrón de Guevara. Mob:733, naval SubLt, commanding merchant ships to Pensacola, 1781.

*Paul Lafitte. Caughey:110, boat captain at New Orleans who worked with Capt. Willing.

*??? LaForre. Mob:719, furnished boat for Regt of Spain to move troops from Mobile to Pensacola, 1781.

*Miguel Lagoanere and Company. Neeser:131, 152, American agents at Corunna, Spain.

*Pablo Laguna (1756 - ), entered service 1778, Sgt in Inf Garrison of Guatemala, 1791, health broken, Legajo 7269:II:89.

*Pedro de Laguna. Archer:Ch2,fn42, Lt Col of Artillery, Veracruz, 1798.

*M. Lalone/LaLonne. MP:153, 186, Commandante of the Serpent. Mir:175, off Pensacola in 1781.

*Francisco Javier de Lamadrid/Lamadriz (1748 Havana - ), entered service in 1764, Adjutant Major in 1782, Capt, Havana Regt, 1786, married. Sgt Major, Inf of Havana, 1799, Legajo 7264:XVI:3 and 61.

*Samuel Lamaire/Lemer. ND8:912, Capt in 1777, who served as a Spanish agent and delivered correspondence from New Orleans, LA. Possibly his vessel was the James.

*Pedro Lamas (1749 Galicia - ), married by 1787. 1st Sgt, Jan 1779, Lt, 1787, Mil Discip Vol Blancos, Inf, Valles de Aragua, Legajo 7293:I:17. Lt, 1796, Bn Mil Discip Blancos, Caracas, Legajo 7295:IV:103.

*Francisco Lamaza. Soldier and Cpl in 1773, in 1794 in Inf Garrison, Cartagena, Legajo 7280.

*Cayelland Lambra. Jersey:471.

*Thomas Lambuda. Jersey:471.

José María Lamby (1763 Cartagena - ), record begins in 1784 with rank of Captain, single Capt 1787, Inf of New Grenada. Capt, 1794, Inf Aux, New Granada, Legajo 7280:III:143.

*Michael Lameova. Jersey:471.

Enrique Lami. Sgt, 1st de Granaderos, Inf Córdoba, Orizaba y Jalapa, Mexico, 1796. Leg 7273:XI:49.

*Blas Lamota. SubLt, 1779, Legajo 7280.1st Lt, 1800, Bn Inf Aux, New Granada, Legajo 7282:VII:8.

*Nicolás La Mathe/LaMothe. CubaP:28, 1440,

*Joaquín de Landa (1747 Florida - ), in Expedition to Providence, 1781, Lt, Havana Regt, 1786, married. A3:XI:61, mentioned c 1781. Capt, 1792, Inf of Havana, Legajo 7261:XI:97.

*Juan de Landa. Capt of Grenadiers, grad Lt Col, 1765, Inf of Havana, Legajo 7259:XVI:2, this may be

*Lewis Landa. FordXVI:315, received check from Cont. Congress c 1780, for $37,190, services not specified.

*Juan Landier. A4:XVII:1, 2, 3, Capt, c 1790.

*Blas de Landaeta (1747 Caracas - ), single in 1787. SubLt, 1775-1783, Capt, 1796, Inf Vet, Caracas, Legajo 7295:III:91.

*Blas de Landaeta (1744 Valencia, Caracas - ), married by 1787. Capt, 1773-1790, Inf Blancos, Valencia, Caracas, in 1781 on fronteras del reino de Santa Fee, Legajo 7294:XVII:4.

*Ignacio Landaeta (1755 Valencia, Caracas - ), married by 1787. Cadet, 1778-1787, Inf Blancos Valencia, Caracas, Legajo 7293.

*Luís Landaeta (1750 Valencia, Caracas - ), married by 1787. SubLt, 1773-1786, Capt, 1793, Vol Blancos Inf, Valencia, Legajo 7294:XXXIII:5.

Vicente Landaeta. Lt, 1799, Mil Reg Vol Blancos de Valencia, Legajo 7295:VIII:25, date of beginning service not found.

Severino Landazuri. Alf, Dragones Prov de San Luis, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7276:XVII:37.

Juan de Dios Landeche. FD4:154, free mulato, and wife Antonia Sanabria (died 1797) had ch during war years

*??? De Landecho. Chevalier:355, Spanish navy captain of the Septentrion, 60 guns, in combat 20 Oct 1782.

Andrés Landeras. SubLt, Inf de Tlaxcala, 1798. Leg 7274:XVII:25.

*??? Landiburu. Beerman:136, 144, Mob:667, Capt, packetboat, Santa Cathalina, Pensacola, 1781.

*Maturino Landry. Thomson:222, LaFourche Militia, Louisiana, 1781.

Simon Landry. HamV:329, mulatto from Baton Rouge, also called Creole, Mobile land grant, c 1782.

*Cayetano de Lángara. Beerman:269, 270, on the floating battery, Paula, at Gibraltar, 1782.

*Juan de Lángara y Huarte (1736-1806). MP:4-6, 374, Spanish fleet commander in 1779. Mahan1:403-404, Spanish Admiral defeated and captured by British Admiral Rodney near Cape Vincente off the Northwestern Spanish coast in Jan 1780.

*Joaquin de Langelet. Adjutant, 1799, Mil Cav of Havana, Legajo 7264:XII:88.

*Joseph Langola. Jersey:471.

*Joseph de Llano. Klotz:34, Capt of the Santander captured and condemned in MA in 1779.

Ramón Lanza. SubLt, Inf de Oaxaca, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7276:V:21.

*Manuel de Lanzos. CubaP:1224 and many others, HamV:333, 336, Governor of Mobile, 1791.

*Sebastián Lapizm(1737 Tarragona - ), Capt, Panamá, 1788, widower. Capt, 1792, Inf Garrison, Plaza Panama, Legajo 7280:IX:12.

*??? Lapinot/Lapineau/Lippineau. ND4:1258, merchant of Louisiana involved in paying a debt for cargo destined for the American Colonies, Apr 1776.

*Felipe Laplaza (1728 Aragon - ), married in 1787. Capt, 1779, 1st Comp, Inf Blancos, Margaríta.

Diego Lapuente. Sgt, Dragones de Mexico, 1798. Leg 7275:II:69.

*J. B. LaPuente. M:349, Capt brigantine La Maria in May 1782 invasion of Nassau.

Faustino Lapresa. Lt, 1799, with Capt-General of Venezuela, Legajo 7295:I:27.

*Francisco María de Lara (1749 - ). Entered service 1766, 1st Sgt, Havana Cav, 1787. See next entry.

Francisco María de Lara. Sgt, Mil Cab de la Habana, 1799. Leg 7264:XII:57.

**Josef de Lara. M:113:App G, Ensign 2d Bn of Regt of Spain, rec. for promotion after Mobile, 1780.

Juan Evangelista de Lara. FD4:159, he and wife Luisa Peguero had a family in Santo Domingo during war years.

*Juan María de Lara (1749 Mérida - ), married. Lt, 1772-1775, Capt, grad, 1796, Mil Discip Inf Vol Blancos de Mérida, Legajo 7297:V:20.

Julian de Lara. SubLt, 1799, Mil Discip Inf Vol Blancos, Mérida, Legajo 7297:VI:27, service entry date not found.

Luis Lara. Cadet, Inf Nueva España, 1800. Leg 7277:V:83, probably enlisted 1794, too late.

*Luís de Lara (1767 El Peñon - ). Distinguished Soldier, 1782 in Peñon Company de Dotacion, Lt, 1799, Inf Garrison of Puerto Rico, married, Legajo 7289:II:27.

*Manuel de Lara. MP:95, tax collector in the Trinidad area of Cuba, 1781.

Manuel Deis de Lara. Woods:224, master of royal schools, wife María Gómes, sponsors at bap 1776, New Orleans.

Manuel de Jesús de Lara ( - 1795 Santo Domingo). FD4:159, he and wife Ana Pérez had ch during war years.

Mariano de Lara. FD4:161, he and wife Dominga Guerrero had a family in Santo Domingo during war years.

*Miguel de Lara. Ch1:18, soldier, Veracruz to LA, June 1780, in Santa Rosalia or San Juan.

*Miguel de Lara (1762 El Peñon - ). Distinguished Soldier, 1779, in El Peñon Company de Dotación, SubLt, 1793, Inf Garrison de Puerto Rico, married, Legajo 7289:VI:37.

Nicolás de Lara Báez ( - 24 Oct 1786). FD4:159, he and wife Catalina Ortiz had ch during war years.

Pedro de Lara. FD4:161, acted as padrino at Baní in 1782 and 1785.

Segundo de Lara. FD4:160, he and wife Rosa Arias had ch during war years.

*Francis Larada. Jersey:471.

*Miguel José de Laran. Klotz:72fn21, in 1783 Contador del Real Hospital Militar de este puerto & plaza de Santa Cruz de Tenerife de las Islas Canarias.

Joachim de Laraquebel. ND3:763, Capt of Spanish snow, St. Michael, at Charleston, Jan 1776.

??? Lardizabal. ZapateroPC:149, Captain General of Venezuela, c 1740, probably dead by 1779.

*Antonio Lareo. Capt, 1799, Mil Dragones de Matanzas, Legajo 7264:VII:8.

*??? Larizosa. MP:164, Naval Captain in Pensacola expedition commanding the trenches on 1 May 1781.

*Mariano LaRocque. Ch1:Attachment, Lt, Pensacola staff, 1781. Tanner:28, went to East Florida in early 1784 as chief engineer.

*??? Larralde. Neeser:129, friend of Capt Gustavus Conyngham who helped him with his legal difficulties in Spain.

Francisco Ignacio Larrasquito. Alf, Dragones de Puebla, 1800. Leg 7276:XVIII:38.

*Ildefonso Larrauri (1745 la Coruna - ), son of a Lt. SubLt, 1777, Lt, 1787 Lisboa, Capt, 1799, Inf Garrison, Puerto Rico, single, Legajo 7289:II:10.

José Ignacio Larrazabal. SubLt, Mil Inf Prov de Zacatepeques, Mexico, 1794. Leg 7278:IV:15.

Francisco Antonio de Larrazábel y Urioeste. FD4:163, he md Petronilla de la Rebilla e Ibarra in Santurce, Vizcaya, Spain, 7 Jan 1778. It is not clear this family came to Santo Domingo, but a son settled in Caracas, Venezuela.

Antonio Larrea. Lt, Dragones de San Carlos, Mexico, 1798. Leg 7274:IV:17.

*Pedro Larrea. M:349, Capt, brigantine El Famoso Perisan in May 1782 invasion of Nassau.

*Juan Larregui. Klotz:35fn20, involved in 1779 with the vessels captured and condemned in MA courts.

Juan Bautista Larrondo. Capt, Inf de Celaya, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7276:VI:10.

*Francisco de Larrumbide (1727 Bilbao - ), single in 1787. . Capt, 1770-1799, Mil Reg Inf de Blancos de Maracaibo, Legajo 7295:XI:2.

Luís de Las Casas. K:126, Governor of Cuba, 1790.

*??? Lasaga. MP:258, one of the wartime directors of mining in Mexico.

Fernando de Lasaga. Cadet, Inf de Mexico, 1792. Leg 7271:X:69.

*Guillemot Lascope. Jersey:471.

José Laso. 2d Adjutant, 1799, Mil Cav de Caracas, Legajo 7295:VI:15.

*Rafael Laso (1748 - ), entered service, 1766, Adjutant Garzon, Morenos, 1787, Lt, 1799, Plana Mayor de Morenos, Havana, Legajo 7264:VIII:5.

*Jachery Lasoca. Jersey:471.

Agustín Lassala. SubLt, 1793, Inf Garrison, Puerto Rico, Legajo 7289:VI:42.

*Agustín Lassala (1732 Valencia - ). 1732 Valencia - ), son of a Colonel. Capt, 1781 Napoles Regt, at Gibraltar, 1782, Col, 1799, Inf Garrison, Puerto Rico, married, Legajo 7289:II:1.

*Juan Rafael Lasalla (1768 Malaga - ). Cadet, 1780, Sub-Lt, 1782, at Gabraltar in Napoles Regt, Lt, 1793, Inf Garrison, Puerto Rico, single, Legajo 7289:VI:30.

Juan La Size. CubaP:1447,

Felipe Lasso. Lt, Inf de Oaxaca, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7276:V:15.

Juan Antonio Lasso. Lt, Inf de Oaxaca, Mexico, 1800. Leg 7276:V:17.

*Lassore & Company. Neeser:115, 132, merchants in Cadiz who traded with Americans.

*José Lasterra. Ch1:18, soldier, Veracruz to LA, Apr 1780, in La Divina Pastora.

*Pierre Lastio. Jersey:471.

Juan Francisco de Lastiri. Conrotte:230, Secretary to the King, 1776.
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