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Latin America: Hopes, Dreams and Reality after the Washington Consensus

March 22-24, 2012
American University, Washington, D.C.

The Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies

Latin America: Hopes, Dreams and Reality after the Washington Consensus

March 22, Thursday

Opening Reception at 5:00PM. Keynote speaker: Robert N. Kaplan, President and CEO of the Inter-American Foundation (IAF). Abramson Family Founders Room, School of International Service (SIS)

March 23, Friday

Registration 8:00AM-4:00PM: East Quad Building Lounge
Registration, breakfasts and coffee breaks will be held in this space



Panel 1: Exile, Identity and Social Modernization: Mary Graydon Center 247

Chair: James Baer, Northern Virginia Community College


Exile Redefined: Chileans in East Germany, post 9/11/1973

María Roof, Howard University
Strangers in the Family Home: Cuba and Spain in the 1990s
Ana Serra, American University
Colombia es pasión: Recreating the Nation.
Presenter: Ludy Grandas, American University
La Iglesia Católica en Colombia y Perú: ¿Agente de modernización social?
Justine Strom, American University
Panel 2: Colonial Economy and Biography: Mary Graydon Center #203

Chair: Edith Couturier

“Un testimonio para (re)definir la justicia: Carta de Fray Francisco José de Jaca al rey Carlos II”
Rebeca Moreno, University of Maryland, College Park

A Merchant’s Tale: Silk and Valencia’s Commercial Ties to the Americas in the 18th Century

William Holliday, Longwood University

History and Biography: Creole and Peninsular in a Business Enterprise

Edith Couturier
Panel 3: The Cultural Meaning of Food, Fashion and Media Image: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Conference Room

Chair: Ivani Vassoler, State University of New York at Fredonia


Flavors of Panama: A Cultural Journey into the Country’s Foods

Nilsa Lasso-von Lang, Ph.D., Moravian College

Jiwanda V. Rogers, MBA, College of Westchester

Urban Sensibilities and Recycled Textiles in Contemporary Argentine Fashion

Regina A. Root, The College of William and Mary

The Imaginary Image:  Representations of Race, Color, and Culture in Contemporary Brazilian Magazines

Brittany M. Jenkins, Columbia University and Vanderbilt University
Panel 4: Study Abroad and Educational Reform: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Boardroom

Chair: Jeff Pugh, Providence College

In Defense of the Short-Term ‘Bridge Model’ Study Abroad Program in Latin America
Jeff Pugh, Providence College

Study Abroad Ethnographies: Blogging Latin American Challenges, Realities and Hopes in the Digital Age

Silvia Peart, United States Naval Academy

Education and the Poor in Mexico

Maria Kobbe

Break: 9:45-10:00AM



Panel 5: Poetry and Political Transformation: Mary Graydon Center #203

Chair: Elizabeth Kiddy, Albright College

Buenos Aires-Bolivia: el trayecto poético de Che Guevara. La revolución después.

Gladys Ilarregui , University of Delaware

El fabuloso mundo de Francisco Ruiz Udiel

Amelia Mondragon, Howard University

El paisaje regenerativo: La degradación medioambiental como se manifiesta en la poética de César Vallejo y Pablo Neruda

Eleonora Figliuoli, The College of William and Mary
Panel 6: Configuration of Power in the Western Hemisphere: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Boardroom

Chair: Ken Lehman, Hampden-Sydney College


Convincing the Colossus: Latin American Leaders Face the United States

Tom Long, American University
The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) as a Metaphor for the Demise of U.S. Hegemony in the Western Hemisphere

Thomas Andrew O’Keefe, President, Mercosur Consulting Group, Ltd.

North-South Relations in the Western Hemisphere: The Shifting Distribution of Sovereignty in the 21st Century

Sebastian Bitar and Eric Hershberg, American University

Panel 7: National Identity and Neighborhood in the Novel: Mary Graydon Center 247

Chair: Arvilla Payne-Jackson, Howard University

The Role of Gossip in the Works of Rolando Hinojosa-Smith
Arvilla Payne-Jackson, Howard University
Un reflejo de la problemática existencial atemporal mediante la alusión del sueño en "Rip-Rip el desaparecido" de Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera.

Ling Anny Fung-Wu, Montclair State University

El cuerpo del delito y los fragmentos de la nación moderna en las

novelas de Eugenio Cambaceres y en los folletines gauchescos de

Eduardo Gutiérrez.

Carlos Rodríguez McGill, The University of Michigan-Dearborn

Panel 8: Achievements and Challenges in Paraguay and Mexico: Women, Migrants and Drugs: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Conference Room

Chair: Brian Turner, Randolph-Macon College

Gender Quotas and Women’s Political Careers in Paraguay

Brian Turner, Randolph-Macon College

Trans-border Migrant Civil Society and Collective Remittances

Michael S. Danielson, American University

Mexico’s Drug War: Grappling with the Ghosts of the PRI

Emily Acevedo, California State University, Los Angeles
Drug Violence in Mexico and Central America since 1990
Brian Norris, George Washington University

Information about where participants may purchase lunch at one of the near-by locations is included in your registration packet. All participants are invited to the Special Plenary listed below.
Special Plenary
12:00-1:00PM AU/CONACULTA Cátedra Cultura de México presents poet and translator Maestro José Luis Rivas. Maestro Rivas will give the Conferencia Magistral entitled, “Entre Traducción y Creación.” Location TBD


Panel 9: Hispanic Americans in Congress Research Project: Research Methods and Preliminary Results: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Boardroom

Chair: Terrance Rucker, Office of the Historian, U. S. House of Representatives


Collaborative Process between the Hispanic Division and the Office of the Historian

Tracy North, Hispanic Division, Library of Congress
Nonvoting Delegates and Resident Commissioners

Laura Turner O’Hara, Office of the Historian, U. S. House of Representatives

Legislative Styles and Historical Contexts of Hispanic House Members

Terrance Rucker Office of the Historian, U. S. House of Representatives

Panel 10: Sub-national Reform in the Andean Region: Mary Graydon Center #203

Chair: Michael Danielson, American University

Displacement and Internal Social Movement Dynamics in Cauca, Colombia: The Struggle for Alternative Visions of Development and Human Rights

Patricia Rodriguez, Ithaca College
The causes of fiscal decentralization in Peru: Subnational governments in extracting-driven economies

Ana Haro Gonzalez, Georgetown University

La reforma agraria y autonomía indígena en Bolivia

Namkwon Mun, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

Panel 11: Confronting Stereotypes: Women and Image in 20th Century Latin America: Mary Graydon Center 247
Chair: Regina Root, College of William and Mary

Fotografía del siglo XX en Puerto Rico: Delano, Rosskam y el sujeto femenino.

Ivette Guzmán-Zavala, Lebanon Valley College

The Self-Possession of Evita: Woman, Citizen, Leader, Patient, Corpse, Saint

Todd S. Garth, U.S. Naval Academy
The debate over street vendors’ clothes: baianas of acarajé, authenticity, and tourism in Salvador, Bahia's 1960s

Meredith Glueck, American University

Panel 12: Conflict and Violence in Literature: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Conference Room
Chair: Joan Marx, Muhlenberg College
“Caín andaba por ahí”: Ecos de Génesis en dos cuentos hispanoamericanos
Dennis A. Stinchcomb, American University

La hora azul: la narrativa como medio concientizador
Lindsey Murphy, American University

El TLCAN y el narcotráfico, vistos desde ambos lados de la frontera
Eric Schramm, Lenoir-Rhyne University
The Intrusion of Memory: Madness and the Allegory of the Dysfunctional State in Laura Restrepo’s Delirio

Paul L. Goldberg, Widener University

Break: 3:30-3:45PM

Panel 13: Globalization and Transnational Literature: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Conference Room
Chair: Consuelo Hernandez, American University
From Pícaros to McOndo: The Narrative Structures of Globalization

G. Cory Duclos, Vanderbilt University

The Languages and Varieties of Trans-American Fiction: Multi-national Spaces and Cross-cultural Imaginaries.
Steven M. Bell, University of Arkansas

Historical, Mythical, and Poetic Space in Carlos Fuentes’ Gringo viejo

David Mongor-Lizarrabengoa, Montclair State University

Panel 14: Undergraduate Panel: Ancient and Modern: Poetic Images, Tweets and The Press: Mary Graydon Center 247
Chair: Ivette Guzmán-Zavala, Lebanon Valley College
El Popol Vuh de los Mayas y la Biblia cristiana
Tomisha Stanford, Howard University

Sor Juana y La Malinche: Su valor simbólico en México hoy

Daniel Hernández, Howard University

Of tweets and blogs: Is the explosion of social media helping or hurting the quality of democracy in the Americas?

Kelsey Miller and Luisa Pérez, Lebanon Valley College

Is freedom in the eye of the beholder? Differing perceptions of a “free” press in American democracies

Colleen Delaney and Jesús Sandoval, Lebanon Valley College
Panel 15: Digital Archives and Electronic Discourse: Mary Graydon Center 203
Chair: Jennifer Yelle, American University
Latin American Electronic Literature: Hopes, Dreams and Reality
Perla Sassón-Henry, United States Naval Academy
Experiments in Digital Archives and Hybrid Print-Web Texts: The Case of Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast Region Under the Imperial Spotlight, ca. 1926-1933.

Michael J. Schroeder, Lebanon Valley College

“You better go back to school”… Electronic discourse and neoliberal ideology in a Chilean newspaper blog

Daniel Morales, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Panel 16: African and Jewish Disaporas in Literature and Dance: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Boardroom
Chair: Edith Moss Jackson , Independent Researcher
Writing the Jewish Diaspora in Argentine Literature: Memory and Exile in the Works of Kozameh, Roffé, and Salganicoff

Joan F. Marx, Muhlenberg College

The Quest for Equality in Afro-Argentine Literature
Edith Moss Jackson , Independent Researcher
Much More Human, Much More Expressive”: Gerónimo Baqueiro Foster’s Huapangos and the Transnational Construction of Black Music as Mexican, 1926-1947
Theodore Cohen, University of Virginia

The Ethnic Connection of Africa with Venezuela: the Language of Afrovenezuelans and the Significance of the Instruments in Curiepe and La Sabana”.

Mesi Walton, Howard University

Reception and poetry reading by Maestro José Luis Rivas. Music will be provided by Patricio Zamorano.
5:30-6:30PM McDowell Lounge

Dinner and Speaker. The Whitaker Lecture will be given by Prof. Reid Andrews, University of Pittsburgh.

7:30-9:30PM McDowell Lounge

March 24, Saturday

7:45-9:45AM East Quad Building Lounge

8:00AM-4:00PM East Quad Building Lounge

Panel 17: Literature and Identity: Freud, Jocks and the Jíbaro: Mary Graydon Conference Room (MG-1, first floor)
Chair: John Incledon, Albright College
Freud, Derrida and the Origins of Latin American Literature
John Incledon, Albright College
“Sports, Superstition, and Possession: the Spirit of the Fantastic in “Buba” and “Segundo viaje”
Kathleen Cunniffe, Temple University

La jibaridad y la puertorriqueñidad: Las contradicciones y ambigüedades en el discurso

nacional decimonónico puertorriqueño
Rosita E. Villagómez, College of Mount Saint Vincent
La polémica poscolonial en El apartamiento de René Marqués
Anthony Morales Jr., Temple University
Panel 18: : Women in the Writings of Poniatowska, Ferré and Rivero: Mary Graydon Center 203
Chair: Elizabeth Espadas
Ficción, realidad y feminismo en “Querido Diego te abraza Quiela”
Julia Snyder, American University

El desenmascaramiento de creencias culturales y estereotipos en En el tiempo de las mariposas de Julia Álvarez y La casa de la laguna de Rosario Ferré.

Mirna Trauger, Muhlenberg College
Teoría estructuralista y feminista en dos cuentos de Niñas y detectives de Giovanna Rivero
Christina Vazquez Mauricio, Montclair State University
Panel 19: Dualidad de la identidad ‘latinoamericana’: Mary Graydon Center 205

Chair: Gloria Clark, Pennsylvania State University


Se robaron mi qiunceañera: Female Performativity and Coming of Age in Latina Narratives

B. Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, Howard University
El Destino Latinoamericana: La Balancea de Preservación y Conformación
Kate Witt, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
La lucha para el poder: la existencia del español y el inglés en Estados Unidos
Sasha Gauley, American University

Panel 20: Race, Education and Civil Society in Brazil: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Conference Room

Chair: Elizabeth Kiddy, Albright College

Selling Brazil: Early Twentieth-Century Racial Exchanges with the United States

Cathy Marie Ouellette, Muhlenberg College

The Relationship between Ethnic Identity, “Racial democracy”, and Educational Access of Afro-Brazilian students in Brazil
Margarita Alexandra Coppi Agostinelli , The George Washington University
Civic Vibrancy and Education: Social Capital Creation in Salvador, Brazil
Ingrid Lee Reader Erickson, University of Florida

Break: 9:45-10:00AM


Panel 21: Democracy in Latin America: Mary Graydon Conference Room (MG-1, first floor)

Chair: John Peeler, Bucknell University

Twenty-Five Years of Democratic Presidential Leadership in Brazil

Ted Goertzel, Rutgers University, Camden

Tortured Legacy: The Return of Democracy and the Fate of Human Rights in 1980s Argentina

David Sheinin, Trent University

Bolivia and Venezuela: The Crisis of the Radical Vision of Democracy
John Peeler, Bucknell University
Internationalisation as a Democratic Tool: Revisiting Mexico’s Double Transition.
Pablo Calderón Martínez, King’s College London.
Panel 22: Frontiers and Indigenous Cultures: Mary Graydon Center 205

Chair: Elizabeth Espadas

The Aztec Concept of Immortality Expressed in Song
Peter Sorensen, Trent University

Illusions and delusions in the Conquest of Mexico´s Northern Frontier

Elizabeth Espadas
Negotiated Existences in the 19th-Century Yucatán
Ryan Hechler, McGill University
Panel 23: From Cuba’s “Special Period” to the 21st Century in Literature: Mary Graydon Center 203
Chair: Joan Marx, Muhlenberg College
La economía cubana en la cuentística de María Elena Llana: Legado del “Período Especial”

Rosa Tezanos-Pinto, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

“La cazadora de alimentos míticos”: El Período Especial y el hambre espiritual en El hombre, la hembra, y el hambre

Meghan Meros, American University

Memoirs of love and life in 21st century Havana

Marilyn Miller, Tulane University

Panel 24: Mexican Policy and Politics: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Conference Room
Chair: Ivani Vassoler, State University of New York at Fredonia

Science, Culture, and Development: Mexico and the Making of Atlantic World Economics

Byron Crites, The University of Texas at Austin
Printing Politics: The Investigative Press, Pemex, and Regime Division in Mexico,


Vanessa Freije, Duke University

Mexican Digital Copyright Policy Autonomy

Blayne Haggart, Australian National University

BUSINESS LUNCHEON and Presentation of Prizes. The Tavern, Mary Graydon Center (adjacent to the Information Desk on the 1st floor—NOT ground floor)

Panel 25: Latin American Cinema: Sex, Otherness and Violence: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Conference Room

Chair: Hope Bastian-Martinez, American University

Queering the Racial Divide: Intersections of Race/Ethnicity and Homosexuality in Children’s Animated Film

Richard D. Reitsma, Canisius College

Un viaje sin destino: estatismo y mitificación en “Y tu mamá también” (2001)

Silvia Álvarez-Olarra, CUNY (BMCC)

El imaginario indígena de Perú a Hollywood: el individualismo en las películas de Claudia Llosa
Núria Vilanova, American University
Realidad social latinoamericana en imágenes: el cine latinoamericano sobre la minoridad y la violencia urbana

Ana Moraña, Shippensburg University

Panel 26: How to do research on Latin America at the Library of Congress: Mary Graydon Conference Room (MG-1, first floor)

Chair: Barbara Tenenbaum, Library of Congress

Overview of the Hispanic Division
Georgette M. Dorn, Library of Congress
Bilingual website, “Distant Neighbors: the Mexican Revolution at the Library of Congress”
Barbara Tenenbaum, Library of Congress
An introduction to locating materials in the Library of Congress
Katherine McCann, Library of Congress

Library research tools and resources accessible worldwide

Tracy North, Library of Congress

Archer M. Huntington and his Contribution to Latin American Studies

Héctor Morey, Library of Congress
Panel 27: Undergraduate Panel: The Miltary, Memories of Torture and China in Latin America: Mary Graydon Center 203

Chair: David Sheinin, Trent University

Civil-military relations in Ecuador

Juan Pablo Pitarque, Franklin and Marshall College
Collective Memory of Villa Grimaldi: Contentious Frameworks for Understanding
Torture After Transition in Chile
Allison Sylvester, American University
Chinese Trade and South American Policies
M. Roosevelt Ditlevson, United States Naval Academy
Evaluating Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America
Nicholas Woods, United States Naval Academy

Panel 28: Diplomacy, USAID and the Washington Consensus: Mary Graydon Center 205
Chair: James Baer, Northern Virginia Community College
U.S. Naval Diplomacy in Peru under the Oncenio, 1919-1930
Joel C. Christenson, West Virginia University

The Detriment of USAID in Latin America

A.N. Meadow, Kennesaw State University

Before there was Consensus: Debating the Role of Government in Bolivian Development—1957-1964

Ken Lehman, Hampden-Sydney College

Break: 3:30-3:45PM



Panel 29: Belonging and Culture in Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Communities: Mary Graydon Center 205
Chair: Brian Turner, Randolph-Macon College

La Riqueza Cultural del Palenque de San Basilio

Diana Marcela Hajjar, American University 

Hatun Qosqo: Tourism and the Commodification of History

Silvia Nagy-Zekmi , Villanova University
Narratives of Belonging and Citizenship

Erica Miller Yozell, Moravian College

Panel 30: New Paradigms on Political & Economic Development: Butler Pavilion 6th floor Butler Conference Room
Chair: Jennifer Yelle, American University
Business Groups and Public Policy in Brazil, Chile and Argentina 1990-2005: Bringing the State Back in (to Business Financing)
Silvia Garcia de Agnelli, Carleton University, Canada

Towards Emancipating “Liberation” Economics Theory: Developing an Occupy Nuestra América Theory

Ian Isidore Smart, Howard University

El bunde y bullerengue como elemento fundamental del proyecto de desarrollo humanitario de Darién

Algris Xiomara Aldeano, Howard University

Panel 31: Politics, Conflict and the Environment: Mary Graydon Conference Room (MG-1, first floor)

Chair: Rachel Cantave, American University
A Denomination’s Dilemma: Moravian Relations with the Nicaraguan State under Anastasio Somoza García

Kimberly Fabbri, Lehigh University

Dye mon, gen mon: Patterns of organized violence in post-earthquake Haiti
Jeremiah Granden, Georgia Institute of Technology
Environmental and Cultural Conflicts in Ecuador’s Páramos

John Stolle-McAllister, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Grassroots Environmentalism: The Eco-Evangelical Pilgrimage along the São Francisco River
Elizabeth Kiddy, Albright College
Panel 32: Undergraduate Panel: Salsa, Tacos and Gender Equality: Mary Graydon Center 203

Chair: Meredith Glueck, American University


Beyond Tacos and Wheels: Understanding the Economic Viability and Survival Strategies of Loncheros in Los Angeles

Maira Sanchez, UCLA
El rol de la salsa en el desarrollo de identidad afro-latinoamericana. Los casos de Colombia, Venezuela y Puerto Rico
José F. Ramírez Rivera, American University
Las Valerosas: Steps Toward Gender Equality in Mexico
Mckenzie Brannon, United States Naval Academy

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