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Hertha Marks Ayrton

Elizabeth Lee Hazen
(Born Aug 24 1885 - Died Jun 24 1975)

Elizabeth Lee Hazen (left) and

Rachel Fuller Brown (right).

Rachel Fuller Brown and Elizabeth Lee Hazen

Do you know what two women invented a fungus fighting antibotic?

In the late 1800's people were dying from a fungus that grew in people. In June 25th 1957 two women named Elizabeth Lee Hazen, and Rachel Fuller Brown were the first people two invent an anti botic. Now thanks two them many of humans were saved. Rachel Fuller Brown was born on 1898 and died on 1980. Elizabeth Lee Hazen was born on 1885 and died on 1980. They are remembered

Thanks to them people were saved.

Stephanie L. Kwolek

Dr. Kwolek, shown here with Du Pont
coworkers Herbert Blades, Paul Morgan,
and John Griffing, and Eugene Magat.

Molecular Structure of KEVLAR®. Showing the bonding between molecular strands.


KEVLAR® is used in the construction of many different products, but is best known for its bullet stopping power in bullet proof vests and helmets


Matha Coston

Bette Nesmith Graham

Ada Byron

El juego de Ada

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