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301 Park Boulevard North Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 0G8 Canada

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301 Park Boulevard North

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 0G8


Tel. / fax (204) 832 9893

Jesús Ángel Miguel García

BEd (Hons) PhL (Hons), MA Newc



El boletín Number 44, March 2008

CanTalk’s bilingual positions



CanTalk (Canada) Inc., Manitoba’s premiere language company, requires

(Spanish/English) Bilingual Operators & Agents

for inbound customer service assistance.
We pay for training.
Fluent Spanish and English, competent computer

and communications skills are a MUST.

CanTalk is interested in people who are available to work

mostly EVENINGS and/or WEEKENDS.
These shifts are $9.00/hour

and can go up to $10.00/hour.

by e-mail to ddiakowich@cantalk.com

by telephone at 786-0117

by fax at 982-1244
or apply in person to:
400 – 136 Market Avenue


8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday

CanTalk is conveniently located in downtown Winnipeg!!!

Minister appoints Jesús Ángel Miguel to Ethnocultural Council

The Minister of Labour and Immigration selected and appointed Jesús Ángel Miguel García to the Manitoba Ethnocultural Advisory and Advocacy Council. The purpose of the Council, in accordance to the Act of the same name, is “to advocate on behalf of ethnocultural community in Manitoba and provide information, advice and recommendations to the government, through the minister, on all ethnocultural matters in the province, including anti-racism, education, human rights, immigration, settlement and cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage”. The appointment is a three-year term. A total of 16 members are nominated by ethnocultural groups and organizations and up to five members are selected by the minister, Jesús Ángel Miguel being one of them.

Ambassador presents paper at session organized by Jesús Ángel Miguel

The Ambassador of the Philippines to Canada, H.E. Dr. José Serrano Brillantes will present a paper on “the Knights of Rizal as a tool for international diplomacy” at the session “Rizal y España en las Filipinas” organized by Jesús Ángel Miguel García at the Congress of Hispanists. The Congress will take place at the University of Bristish Columbia between May 31st and June 3rd, 2008 as part of the annual Canadian Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Other panelists are Rev. Msgr. Dr. Neil Parado, KCR and Jesús Ángel Miguel García, Director of the Spanish Institute. The latter will present a paper on the writings and ideology of Dr. José Rizal.

Jesús Ángel Miguel nominated to Lieutenant Governor Award

Jesús Ángel Miguel has been nominated for the Lieutenant Governor’s Volunteer Service Award for “his spirit of volunteerism and making a lasting and meaning contribution through his activities to the community, educational and cultural life in Winnipeg and several charitable organizations”.

Canada’ s World Dialogue invites Jesús Ángel Miguel at U of W

Jesús Ángel Miguel was invited to participate in Canada’s World Citizens’ Dialogue, a national conversation about Canada’s role and place in the world; a project of Siomon Fraser University. A group of 30 other Canadians also participated. The result of the week-end long meeting will result in a research report and A Citizen’s Agenda for Canada in the World, a book highlighting the key findings and messages. The project aims to “contribute to a clear vision and directions for Canada’s place and role in the world that will be used to enagae the broader public, politicians, business and community leaders”. The event took place February 22nd to February 24th at the University of Winnipeg.

Spanish Institute’s students invited to Fiesta Latina

All students from The Spanish Institute have been invited by the organizers of the Fiesta Latina to attend on March 28th at the Student Centre of Collège universitaire Saint-Boniface. There will be cultural items, fun and fund raising event for Haiti.

Winnipeg Early Music Society concert and Spanish Institute

At the request of the Spanish Institute, Winnipeg Early Music Society will perform Spanish medieval and Renaissance music on Saturday, April 12 at 2 p.m. Crossways at Young United Church (Furby at Broadway), Winnipeg.There will be a silver collection.

The Winnipeg Early Music Society is a group of predominantly musicians interested in music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Most years, they pick a theme to concentrate their efforts to learn new music, and this year they are working on Spanish music. Their recital will consist of a number of ensembles that will present a few pieces each. These will be predominantly recorders, as well as a choral group and a harpist. They will play some cantigas de Santa María, villancicos, Spagnas plus music influenced by Spain such as the Spanoletto of Praetorius. Monica Hultin directs the choral group, and she says they have been enjoying the beauty of the villancicos.

Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE)

Next exams for DELE (Diploma of Spanish as Foreign Language), issued by the Ministry of Education of Spain, will take place in May 24. Deadline to register: April 11.

For more information please e-mail: spanishinstitute@mts.net

Visión Hispana is back

The monthly publication Visión Hispana is back. It has published The Spanish Institute’s El don de la palabra™, the daily quote of famous Spaniards, for the last three years.

More Spanish tourists in Canada

According to StanCan, the number of visitors from Spain to Canada was 56,830 in 2006, an 11% increase compared to the previous year. The figure represents the highest number of tourists from any European country.

Según las últimas cifras publicadas por StanCan, el número de viajes de españoles a Canadá en 2006 ha sido de 56.830, un 11% más que el año anterior. Se trata del crecimiento más alto del número de viajeros a Canadá de todos los países europeos.

Canada, priorty market for Spains’ Culture Industry Internationalization Plan

Canadá, mercado prioritario del nuevo plan de internacionalización de la industria cultural de ICEX
La idea del Instituto es impulsar la exportación de productos culturales como bienes de alto valor añadido, que actualmente representan un 3,2% del Producto Interior Bruto (PIB)
Canadá es uno de los mercados prioritarios del nuevo plan de internacionalización de la industria cultural lanzado por el Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (ICEX), dotado con 20 millones de euros para el periodo 2007-2009. La idea del Instituto es impulsar la exportación de productos culturales como bienes de alto valor añadido, que actualmente representan un 3,2% del Producto Interior Bruto (PIB). Los mercados prioritarios del plan son los países con alto poder adquisitivo como EEUU, Canadá, los miembros de la UE , Japón o China, ya que los productos culturales son de mayor precio que otros bienes.

El don de la palabra™

«El lenguaje nos ayuda a capturar el mundo, y cuanto menos lenguaje tengamos, menos mundo capturamos. O más deficientemente. Una mayor capacidad expresiva supone una mayor capacidad de comprensión de las cosas. Si se empobrece la lengua se empobrece el pensamiento».
«Una lengua natural es el archivo adonde han ido a parar las experiencias, saberes y creencias de una comunidad».
Fernando Lázaro Carreter (1923-2004), filólogo español y miembro de la Real Academia Española.
«Una palabra rara es en una página como un adoquín levantado en una calle».


Wenceslao Fernández Flórez (1879-1964), novelista, periodista y político español.

«Siempre que enseñes, enseña a la vez a dudar de lo que enseñes».
José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955). Filósofo y ensayista español.
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MTS Pioneer Business Award

Star of the City Hospitality Award

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