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ĐỀ tham khảO Ôn thi tốt nghiệp thpt môn tiếng anh 12 Thời gian làm bài 60 phút I- make the correct choice

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MÔN TIẾNG ANH 12 - Thời gian làm bài 60 phút

I- Make the correct choice :

1.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:

a. possessed b. regarded c. instructed d. provided

2.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:

a. involved b. offered c. outnumbered d. helped

3.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others:

a. instruction b. possession c. property d. necessary

4.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others:

a. access b. approach c. lecture d. offer

5.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others:

a. contamination b. pronunciation c. communication d. automatically

6. Language is not _____ the private property of those who use it.

a.necessity b.necessary c.unnecessary d.necessarily

7. The pilot of a Russian plane approaching Cairo will use English to ask for landing _____ .

a.instructions b.instructor c.instructing d.instructed

8. When foreigners ask him, he answers in English _____.

a.automatic b.automatically c.automation d.automated

9. This gives us some idea of the _____ of English.

a.important b.unimportant c.importance d.importantly

10. English is now an effective medium of international _____.

a.communicative b.communication c.communicatively d.communicate

11. English is _____ as a first language in New Zealand.

a.speech b.spoken c.speaking d.speechless

12. A great many people are involved _____ the use of English.

a.with b.in c.about d.at

13. English belongs _____ those who use it.

a.to b.with c.for d.on

14. Paul lives _____ London.

a.on b.at c.over d.in

15. English provides the access _____ world scholarship and world trade.

a.for b.with c.to d.in

16. Many people regard him _____ one of the greatest scientists in the world.

a.with b.at c.about d.as

17. Don’t go with him ______ he offers you money.

a.so b.whenever c.even if d.despite

18. A Dane and a Dutch person _____ in Rome will almost automatically find themselves speaking to each other in English.

a. meeting b. met c. meet d. are meeting

19. People in _____ speak _____.

a. Portugal/Portugal b. Portuguese/Portugal c. Portugal/Portuguese d.Portuguese/ Portuguese

20. English is easily _____ by Chinese.

a. outrun b. outnumbered c. outlived d. outweighed

21. The flight was delayed ______the bad weather.

a. in spite of b. despite c. because of d. instead of

22. Unless you _____ quick, you’ll be late.

a. were b. are c. will be d. had been

23. Jane can’t cook ______ as Mary can.

a. as good b. better c. as better d. so well

24. Jack is not ______ to get married.

a. so old b. old enough c. very old d. older

25. I’d rather ______ to the museum.

a. don’t go b. not to go c. not going d. not go

II. Identify one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect:

26. Although taking a taxi, Bill arrived late for the concert.

a b c d

27. She worked too hard that she became ill.

a b c d

28. It was such good book that I couldn’t put it down.

a b c d

29. The man was injured in the accident was taken to the hospital.

a b c d

30. She sings more beautifully than you are.

a b c d

III- Read the following passage and make the correct choice:

Every year many people (31) ________ the world learn English. Some of them are young children. (32a) ________ are teenagers. Many are adults. Some learn at school; (2b) ________ learn in evening classes. A few learn English by (33) ________ or just by hearing the language (34) ________ television or among their friends. Most people must work hard to learn English.

Why do all these people want to learn English? It is difficult to (35) ________ that question. Young children learn English at school because it is one of their (36) ________. Many adults learn English because it is (37) ________ for their work. Teenagers often learn English for their higher studies, because some of their books are in English at college or university. Other people learn English (38) ________ they want to read newspapers or magazines in English.

31.a.in b.through c.on d.over

32.a.Others b.Other c.Any d.Each

33.a.himself b.oneself c.ourselves d.themselves

34.a.on b.with c.in d.at

35.a.learn b.practise c.answer d.start

36.a.problems b. subjects c.questions d. hobbies

37.a. interesting b.famous c. useful d.responsible

38.a.so that b.if c.because d.although

IV- Read the following passage and choose the best answer:

More than three hundred million people speak English as their first or native language. About the same number speak it as a second language. No one knows how many people speak it as a foreign language. Chinese is the only language with more speakers than English. This is because of the huge population of China, more than one billion people. More people study English than any other languages.

39. How many people speak English as a mother tongue?

a. 300 b. 300,000 c. 300,000,000 d. 300,000,000,000

40. How many people speak English as a second language?

a. 300 b. 300,000,000 c. 300,000 d. 300,000,000,000

41. Chinese is the only language with more speakers than English _____.

a. because people like speaking it b. because it is the most international language

c. because it is the only language d. because China has more than one billion people

42. Which language is studied by most people?

a. English b. Chinese c. Japanese d. French

V. Choose the correct sentence which has the same meaning as the above one :

43. English is more international than any other language in the world.

a. English is the most international language in the world.

b. English is the most international as any language in the world.

c. English is not as international as any language in the world.

d. English is not the most international language in the world.

44. Whose car is this?

a. Whom does this car belong ? b. Who belongs to this car ?

c. Who does this car belong to? d. Whose does this car belong to?

45. I would like you to help me do this English exercise.

a. Do you mind to help me do this English exercise?

b. Do you mind helping me do this English exercise?

c. Would you like helping me do this English exercise?

d. Would you mind me doing this English exercise?

46. John doesn’t play tennis. Neither does David.

a. Neither John nor David doesn’t play tennis. b. Neither John nor David play tennis.

c. Neither John nor David plays tennis. d. Either John or David plays tennis.

47. The last person who leaves the room must turn out the lights.

a. The last person to leave the room must turn out the lights.

b. The last person to turn out the lights must leave the room.

c. The last person to be left the room must turn out the lights.

d. The last person leave the room must turn out the lights.

48. My father no longer smokes cigarettes.

a. No longer does my father smokes cigarettes. b. No longer my father smokes cigarettes.

c. No longer does my father smoke cigarettes. d. No longer my father does smoke cigarettes.

49 .They don’t usually drink wine.

a. They are not usually used to drinking wine. b. They are not used to usually drinking wine.

c. They are not used to drinking wine. d. They are not used to drink wine.

50. Although the weather changed, the picnic went ahead as planned.

a. In spite of the change in the weather, the picnic went ahead as planned.

b. In spite of the weather changed, the picnic went ahead as planned.

c. In spite the change in the weather, the picnic went ahead as planned.

d. In spite of changing the weather, the picnic went ahead as planned.


MÔN TIẾNG ANH 12 - Thời gian làm bài 60 phút

Pick out the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Câu 1:

A. talked

B. cleaned

C. studied

D. closed

Câu 2:

A. closes

B. dances

C. horses

D. causes

Câu 3:

A. seat

B. beat

C. dream


Câu 4:

A. sure

B. social

C. size

D. cease

Câu 5:

A. thank

B. tooth

C. breathe

D. thick

Choose the letter (A, B, C or D) to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 6. He hasn’t sent us any Emails ----------- he flew to America.

A. when

B. after

C. before

D. since

Câu 7. We were wandering along the river when it ----------- to rain.

A. was starting

B. started

C. has started

D. had started

Câu 8. Ask him ------------- there is anything wrong with him.

A. why

B. when

C. what

D. if

Câu 9. He was cleaning his gun when it suddenly----------------.

A. went off

B. went on

C. put off

D. put out

Câu 10. You look so sad! ! What’s the matter --------- you?

A. with

B. for

C. on

D. from

Câu 11. Books in the home are a -------------source of knowledge and pleasure.

A. wonder

B. wonderous

C. wonderfully

D. wonderful

Câu 12. She was very ------------ with her success.

A. satisfying

B. satisfied

C. satisfication

D. satisfy

Câu 13. He ------------ swim one kilometre a day, but now he is too old to do it.

A. got used to

B. used to

C. was used to

D. is used to

Câu 14. What ----------- to him unless he had finished it an hour earlier?

A. happened

B. has happened

C. will happen

D. would have happened

Câu 15. Is he capable ---------- doing such a hard job?

A. with

B. in

C. for

D. of

Câu 16. I hope our living conditions are getting better and -------------.

A. well

B. gooder

C. better

D. best

Câu 17. Does it seem possible for him ............. the problem?

A. solve

B. solving

C. solved

D. to solve

Câu 18. Ann: “ I’m having an interview tomorrow.” Tom : “ ......................!”

A. Great

B. Good job

C. Well done

D. Good luck

Câu 19. I’m looking forward to .................. from you soon.

A. hearing B. hear C be hearing D. be heard

Câu 20. She was very excited ............. the news you told her.

A. on B. at C. with D. about

Câu 21. Look! The car is coming ............... towards us.

A. run B. to run C. ran D. running

Câu 22. Our life is getting more and more comfortable than it .................. years ago.

A. did B. was C was used to D. used to be

Câu 23. Do you remember the place ............. we two visited 3 years ago?

A. where B. in which C. at which D. which

Câu 24. Sorry, I can’t afford it. I have ...........money left.

A. a little B. much C. little D. few

Câu 25. By the end of this year We ................. this plan for eight months.

A. will have carried out B. will carry out C. are carrying out D. have carried out

Câu 26. ........... the fact that we are short of money, the project will go ahead.

A. In spite B. Although C. Despite of D. Despite Câu 27. What makes you ............. to become a famous violinist?

A. to want B. wanted C. want D. will want

Câu 28. I don’t think you are telling ......... lie.

A. a B.ø C. an D. the

Câu 29. He ........... me whether I agreed with him.

A. wondered B. told C. said D. asked

Câu 30. The climate is getting less and ………. hot.

A. much B. so C, more D. less.

Choose the best option to fill in every blank in the following passage

Work Preparation will help you (31)……. . you have a health condition or a disability and you are returning to work after a long time (32)…......... sick or unemployed.   Work Preparation is (33)…......... to suit you. The programme may last a few days or weeks depending on (34)…......... you need. It can help you overcome any barriers (35)…......... you from finding employment. It can also provide work experience and help you identify work that is most suitable for you.   If you are returning to work and would like to increase your confidence, or would like to update your skills or learn new skills, then this programme is for you.  

Câu 31. A. when B. if C. becausse D. so that

Câu 32. A. of B. off C. on D. for

Câu 33. A. tailor B. tailored C. tailoring D. to tailor

Câu 34. A. who B. where C. whom D. what

Câu 35. A. stopping B. stop C. to stop D. stopped

Read the passage and make the best choice:

From our start in 1961, WWF has worked to protect endangered species. We're ensuring that the world our children inherit will be home to elephants, tigers, giant pandas, whales and other wildlife species, as well as people.

WWF safeguards hundreds of species around the world, but we focus special attention on our flagship species: giant pandas, tigers, polar bears, endangered whales and dolphins, rhinos, elephants, marine turtles and great apes. These species not only need special measures and extra protection in order to survive, they also serve as umbrella species: helping them helps numerous other species that live in the same habitats.

WWF and its partners have a number of projects around the world to reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict and improve the livelihoods of the people affected.

In addition to our flagship animals, we work to protect numerous species in peril around the world that live within our priority ecoregions. Large predators like snow leopards and grizzly bears, migratory species like whooping cranes and songbirds, and a host of other species facing threats also benefit from WWF's conservation efforts. Our wildlife trade experts at TRAFFIC work to ensure that trade in wildlife products doesn't harm a species, while also fighting against illegal and unsustainable trade.

contact your nearest regional centre.

Câu 36. WWF is an. international.........................................................

A. society B. organization C. group D. union

Câu 37. WWF focusses special attention on…………………………

A, all animals everywhere B. giant pandas and endangered species

C. wildlife in general D. flagship species

Câu 38. WWF and its parteners also carry out some projects to……….

  1. cut down human- wildlife conflicts and improve livelihoods of people affected.

  2. increase human- wildlife conflicts and improve livelihoods of people affected.

  3. help human- wildlife conflicts and improve livelihoods of people affected.

  4. react human- wildlife conflicts and improve livelihoods of people affected.

Câu 39. WWF protects not only flagship animals but also…………..

A. all other species in peril B. endandered species

C. wildlife D. some other species

Câu 40. Wildlife trade experts are sure ………………………………

A. not to do any harm to a species. B. to do harm to a species.

C. to do illegal and sustainable trade. D. to do legal and unsustainable trade.

Choose the best option to comple the following sentences

Câu 41. Did you teach her…………………………………………..?

A. what to make a cake B. how to make a cake

C. why to make a cake D. who to make a cake

Câu 42. Is she the lady……………………………………………………..?.

A. which you borrow this bike.from B. from who you borrow this bike

C. from whom you borrow this book D. from that you borrow this bike

Câu 43. When we arrived at the airport,……………………………………

A. The plane had already taken off. B. the plane has already taken off.

C. the plane takes off, D. the plane will take off.

Câu 44. He would have passed the exam …………………………………………….

A. if he had worked hard. B. if he worked hard.

C. unless he worked hard. D. unless he hadn’t worked hard.

Câu 45. She didn’t succeed in her project ………………………………………….

A in spite of she tried her best. B. despite she tried her best.

C. though she didn’t try her best. D. in spite of the fact that she tried her best.

Mark the letter A,B,C or D to show the underlined part that needs correction.

Câu 46.: That is such a fantastically story that everybody would like to read it.


Câu 47: It is difficult knowing how many elephants once lived in the continent.


Câu 48. The WWF workers have devoted all their lives to protect all animals.


Câu 49. The more busier he is , the less often he meets his friends.


Câu 50. The thieves capturing by the police declared not to be guilty.



1A 2A 3D 4A 5C 6D 7B 8D 9A 10A 11D 12B 13B

14D 15D 16C 17D 18D 19A 20B 21D 22D 23D 24C 25A 26D 27C

28A 29D 30D 31B 32B 33B 34D 35A 36B 37D 38A 39A 40A 41B

42C 43A 44A 45D 46B 47A 48C 49A 50B


B. Sound

1. A. unwise B. develops C. values D. equals

2. A. animal B. contaminate C. habitat D. endangered

3. A. played B. cooked C. laughed D watched

A. Stress

4. A. disaster B. encounter C. determine D. government

5. A. habitat B. reference C. requirement D. candidate

6. A. interview B. computer C. equipment D. Atlantic


7. The people who waiting outside are becoming impatient.


8 . He apologized about not coming to the meeting.


9. These televisions are all too expensive for we to buy at this time.


10. Linda asked her father that he was going to New York the next Sunday.


11. If you had gone to bed early last night, you wouldn’t have been so sleepy now


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